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Escribir una carta de recomendación o referencia referente a alguien

(Write a recommendation or a reference about someone)

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Six FREE tips for writing recommendation letters

1. If you have reservations about writing a recommendation or reference, see Decline to write a letter of recommendation.

2. Before writing this letter, be sure to determine your company's policy regarding letters of recommendation. Many policies have been established as protection against potential lawsuits. If you write a letter, write only complimentary, yet factual, observations and avoid unflattering or derogatory remarks. If you cannot do this, then do not write the letter. Potential employers are adept at "reading between the lines," and any negative implication may destroy the former employee's chance at getting the new job.

3. If the requester provides you with a recommendation form to fill out, you may still add comments in a space provided on the form or on a separate sheet. When sending a confidential recommendation in an envelope, it is often required that you sign your name across the seal. This practice is common in academic applications.

4. You will usually write a letter of recommendation when you know who the potential employer is and what the new position will be. Describe the former employee's responsibilities, performance, abilities, etc. with that specific position and employer in mind. If you give the letter to the individual to hand-deliver, instead of mailing it directly to the potential employer, be aware that he or she will probably read it.

5. You will usually write a letter of reference when you do not know who the employer will be or what the position may be. Although the strategy for writing a reference is essentially the same as for writing a recommendation, a reference is more general. The letter is generally used to introduce a person and/or vouch for that person's integrity and general character. The person for whom you write the reference will usually read it and perhaps duplicate it for future use.

6. Do not include comments about race, color, religion, handicap, sex, national origin, marital or parental status. In other words, do not include comments that could be interpreted as biased or that could provoke bias in any way.

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