Extend an Invitation to Attend a Trade Show, Seminar, or Conference

Dr. Mel Luthy, Chief Editor

Sample Letter #1

Do you need just a few more job skills to make you more marketable? Attend Doe's Job Skill Seminar and learn several invaluable skills guaranteed to better your present situation or help you find a job. Just a phone call away.

Here are six reasons to sign up today:

*(list six prominent features)

Nine out of ten of Doe's Job Skill students have advanced to better employment.

Contact me today to enroll in my (date) class. Call 555-5555.

P.S. You can never be too qualified.

Sample Letter #2

Do you have what it takes to become certified in the Ski Patrol?

Attend my accelerated course, and you'll be wearing the uniform in no time. It's a terrific job for someone who loves skiing. The satisfaction is unsurpassed, and you get to do what you love--ski.

In the course, you'll learn:

*(list prominent features)

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to become certified in the Ski Patrol. Fill out the enclosed reply card to secure your spot in the upcoming session.

Sample Letter #3

Discover how you can make MORE MONEY than you ever dreamed of.

Please accept this invitation to a FREE SEMINAR in (location, date, time).

It will only take 60 minutes of your time, but those minutes will be packed with information on how you can become rich in a very short period of time. We'll teach you how to:

*(list prominent features of your program)

How can all this be done? By simply understanding the dynamics of stock trading.

You may say, "But I don't know the first thing about stocks." No problem. This informative Seminar teaches you the basics. So pick up the phone right now and phone this number for your reservation: 555-5555.

You won't be sorry, believe me.

P.S. The Seminar presenter will be John Doe. Former attendees say that "John Doe is one of the most knowledgeable speakers they've ever heard." Give us a call today.

Sample Letter #4

Your crafts hobby can be a profitable part-time business.

That's right! Many crafts enthusiasts have found that there's no better or more enjoyable way to make money than with their crafts. Imagine earning thousands of dollars doing what you love to do.

Sign up today for our exciting seminar, "Making Your Hobby a Money-maker." We'll show you the five simple steps for turning your hobby into a lucrative part-time business.

You'll learn from the pros such things as:

* (List 5 or more prominent features)

* And much more!

Call today! Mail the enclosed card and we'll send you informative literature explaining the seminar in detail.

To receive the literature, our seminar registration form, and a free listing of craft fairs where you can exhibit an $18 value, mail the card now.

You have no obligation. If you decide not to attend, you may keep the FREE $18 crafts fair listing as our gift.

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