Light Before Christmas

Your kids will love The Light Before Christmas

Your kids will love The Light Before Christmas

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Since the movie is only shown at IMAX theaters, once sold out there may not be any more for years to come.

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On Christmas Eve, two children are rescued by their friend the Candleman—a happy fellow who reads to them the classic tale, "The Night Before Christmas." Magically, the children become characters in the poem and experience the ultimate holiday adventure.

Packed with fun for the entire family, the music, story and characters create a magical holiday treat—destined to become a Christmas classic.

Staring: Ken Sansom, voice of Rabbit for Winnie the Pooh.
Format: DVD, Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound
Approximate running time: 30 minutes

Light Before Christmas

Delight your family this Christmas

  • Charming stop-motion animation film filled with holiday magic
  • Stunning visuals with cheerful music
  • Based on the fantasy art of award-winning artist James Christensen
  • Destined to become a holiday classic
  • An ideal holiday gift for children, friends, relatives and employees!

How the Team Created The Light Before Christmas

Using modern technologies, hard work and a lot of talent, the team chose a technique called stop-motion animation.

Creating the Characters:

  • Characters are designed on paper
  • Animators build steel skeletons with movable joints that can be loosened or tightened
  • Artists and craftsmen create 47 interchangeable mouths for each character to show a variety of facial expressions

Interchangeable mouths for each character

Creating the Christmas Sets:

  • Craftsmen construct festive large doll-house-sized sets from wood and building materials
  • Artists decorate each set with miniature furnishings


  • Heavily-costumed wooden figures are moved into position for the camera
  • One picture or frame is taken at a time using a hi-resolution digital camera
  • Each character can cost $12,000 to create
  • Only 4 seconds of film is shot per day


  • Graphic designers smooth the character facial joints using computers
  • Voices and music are added
  • Colors are refined for maximum appeal


Q: Why is a writing company selling a holiday video?
A: We invested a small amount to help some friends, but when it released we were so impressed that we bought hundreds of copies to help spread the fun to our thousands of daily site visitors.

Q: When will The Light Before Christmas show on national TV?
A: It is only shown at IMAX theaters.

Q: Has it aired on TV?
A: Yes, it aired several times in 2008 on Salt Lake City TV channels.

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