Tutorial for “Cancel Your Own Credit Account”


Do not give a lengthy explanation. Because canceling your account will cost the provider business, maintain a respectful tone. You may have future dealings with the same company.


1. Tell the reader why you are canceling your account with them.


  • Because we are moving our offices to Springfield, and we would like to work with a local distributor, we have decided to close our account with your company.
  • Because of recent budget changes, we have decided to cancel our account with you.
  • In my last correspondence I indicated that if deliveries continued to be late, we would have to terminate our account. I am sorry to report that the problems persist, and have caused a loss of clients. We cannot continue this way, so we are closing our account.
  • In order to simplify my financial affairs, I have decided to close my credit account with you.
  • Due to our corporation's changing needs, we have decided to cancel our account.


  • business will be on a cash basis
  • cancel our credit account
  • company's changing needs
  • continuing problems with
  • decided to close our account with
  • forced to cut off lines of credit to many of our
  • general economic situation dictates that we
  • have not used our account for
  • have been obliged to simplify
  • moving our offices to
  • no longer require credit
  • obliged to terminate your
  • please understand that we value your business
  • recent budget changes
  • regret that we have to terminate your
  • simplify my financial affairs
  • sound financial footing
  • terminate our credit arrangement
  • this will be effective on
  • too many credit lines
  • until further notice
  • will no longer honor charges on
  • effective immediately
  • would prefer to work with a local

2. State how you would like to pay off your account. If necessary, ask for verification of your final balance.


  • According to my calculations, I still owe you $894.46. I have included a check for this amount. If your records do not agree, please send me an itemized statement.
  • Please calculate the balance remaining on our account and send it to our new address at 1600 Main Street in Springfield.
  • We have calculated our final balance as $3,672.28. We will pay as soon as we receive verification of this amount. If you wish, you may call and give the information to John Doe in our main office.
  • According to my last bill, I owe you $962.73. Since that billing I have charged an additional $236.09. I have enclosed a check for the amount of $1,198.82, which should cover the total that I owe you. If I owe any more on my account, please notify me immediately.
  • I believe my last payment covered the remaining balance. If I still owe anything, please send me the bill.


  • according to my last statement
  • according to my calculations
  • advise me of total amount due
  • as of today's date
  • balance is overdue
  • calculate the balance remaining
  • have charged an additional
  • have calculated the final balance as
  • have destroyed my credit cards
  • have included a check for
  • how you will pay off the balance due
  • still owe you
  • please notify me of the final balance
  • please contact us to determine
  • please calculate the final balance
  • send it to our new address at
  • should cover the amount we owe
  • when we receive verification of this amount
  • will settle the final statement
  • will pay you promptly
  • your outstanding balance is

3. Close the letter on a respectful note.


  • I have valued your service over the past nine years.
  • We have enjoyed doing business with you.
  • Perhaps we will be able to open another account with you in the future.
  • We would appreciate your prompt attention to this matter and thank you for your services.
  • Thank you for providing me with such excellent service.
  • We wish you continued success.


  • after we have completed our reorganization
  • always appreciated your service
  • enjoyed doing business with you
  • have valued your service
  • hope this setback is temporary
  • hope to do business again soon
  • hope that we can work with you again soon
  • if you feel that this is an error
  • our best wishes for the future
  • providing such excellent service
  • regret having to take this action
  • sympathize with your recent setbacks
  • thank you for your prompt attention
  • trust that this situation will be temporary
  • wish you continued success
  • would appreciate your prompt attention to this matter

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