Tutorial for “Inform a Customer That the Check You Received Was Not Signed or the Payment Was Not In the Envelope”


This is a brief, informative letter, which also offers you an opportunity to thank your customer for his or her business.


1. Thank the customer for his or her check or correspondence.


  • Thank you for your kind letter regarding our services.
  • We appreciate the check (#142) you sent to us dated March 3.
  • Your check (#418) reached our offices yesterday.
  • Thank you for your consideration in attempting to send your payment at an early date.
  • I received your letter regarding the payment you thought was enclosed in the same envelope.
  • Thank you for the kind words about your satisfaction with our products and services.
  • We received your check (#283) for $45.00 on April 7. Thank you for your promptness.


  • about your satisfaction with
  • always grateful for your comments
  • always rewarding when
  • always gratifying to read your comments
  • appreciated the check (#222)
  • do the best we can
  • expressing your trust
  • for the payment envelope
  • for attempting to update your account
  • for the check dated March 15
  • for responding so quickly
  • for attempting to pay off the balance
  • for taking the time out of your busy schedule
  • have confidence in you as well
  • in advance of the scheduled payment date
  • in attempting to send
  • in intending to send
  • in wanting us to receive payment
  • just want to thank you for
  • prior to the scheduled payment date
  • reached our offices three days ago
  • received your letter stating
  • regarding the payment you sent
  • shows you have confidence in us
  • thank you for your kind words
  • thank you for taking the time
  • thank you for your comments
  • thank you for your consideration
  • thank you for your prompt payment
  • thank you for your promptness
  • thank you for your prompt reply
  • thank you for your correspondence
  • thank you for your kind letter

2. Inform the customer of the problem.


  • Unfortunately, the check that you referred to was not in the envelope.
  • Naturally, we were surprised to find that there was no check in the envelope.
  • Unfortunately, you did not sign the check.
  • However, I regret that you didn't sign the check.
  • I am sure that you did not realize that you failed to sign the check.
  • We are sure that you meant to send your payment with your letter, but it was not enclosed.
  • I am sure you will be as surprised as I was that your check did not accompany your letter.


  • am sorry to trouble you
  • are sure you meant to send your payment
  • can be resolved quickly
  • did not sign the check
  • easy to overlook
  • failed to sign the check
  • forgot to include your check
  • found no check in the envelope
  • had the correct amount
  • have returned your check for your signature
  • hope you didn't misplace it
  • just a simple mistake
  • know you were eager to get it paid off
  • left the check unsigned
  • never deposited your check
  • possibly put it in another envelope
  • problem with your payment
  • received only the payment
  • regret to inform you
  • simply failed to put it in the envelope
  • problem with your last payment
  • sure we can work this out
  • sure it is just an oversight
  • sure you did not realize
  • to find there was no check
  • was not in the envelope
  • would have paid off the balance
  • would have balanced your account
  • your check did not accompany your letter

3. Ask the customer to correct the error.


  • I am returning your check with this letter. Will you please sign it and return it as soon as possible.
  • I trust you won't mind returning your signed check as soon as possible.
  • I will put this transaction on hold while I wait for your payment.
  • We would appreciate receiving your check for $700.00 at your earliest convenience.
  • I am returning the check for your signature.
  • We will appreciate your immediate attention to correct this oversight.
  • I shall look forward to receiving your check next week.


  • add to next month's statement
  • am returning your check
  • appreciate your business
  • appreciate your promptness
  • as the payment was due last week
  • as soon as possible
  • at your earliest possible convenience
  • at your earliest convenience
  • can wait until next month
  • combine it with next month's payment
  • need payment by
  • follow the same procedures
  • hold on to your check
  • hope you don't mind
  • if you could please
  • look forward to receiving
  • make out a new check
  • please correct this error
  • please remit payment of
  • please sign your check
  • return your check, signed
  • sign it and return it quickly
  • the next scheduled payment
  • to prevent further delay
  • to assure prompt processing of
  • will put this transaction on hold
  • will appreciate your immediate attention

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