Tutorial for “Congratulate Someone on the Anniversary of Their Marriage”


This letter is usually sent to close friends and associates after they have made either a private or public announcement of the event. Be careful not to overstep the bounds of decorum by using more familiar language than your relationship warrants.


1. Start with a direct statement of congratulations, acknowledging the significance of the achievement.


  • I saw your golden anniversary announcement in the paper last Sunday, and I wanted to congratulate you on this achievement.
  • Thanks for sending me your anniversary announcement, and congratulations!
  • Congratulations on your golden anniversary!
  • I have always seen your relationship as a model marriage because of the love, courtesy, and respect that you always show for each other.
  • You two have been very important to me and my family.
  • Congratulations on this special event in your life.
  • Please allow me to extend my best wishes to you on your anniversary.


  • a joyous experience
  • a model marriage
  • admire your relationship
  • always been there for each other
  • best wishes to you on
  • brings back such happy memories
  • congratulations on
  • extend our congratulations
  • extend my best wishes
  • for better or for worse
  • for inviting me to
  • for letting me know
  • for sending me your anniversary announcement
  • grateful for your example
  • great admiration and respect
  • hard to believe
  • have nothing but admiration for
  • have been very important to me
  • help me to weather the difficulties
  • hope that I can
  • love and respect you show
  • make a marriage last
  • on your anniversary
  • please allow me to
  • saw your announcement
  • send our kindest regards
  • should write a book
  • since you walked down that aisle
  • stay together so happily so long
  • such a wonderful achievement
  • thank you for
  • the experiences you have shared
  • the good times and the bad
  • the example you have set
  • this special event
  • this wonderful milestone
  • this happy occasion
  • want to congratulate you on
  • wish you a happy anniversary
  • your loyalty toward each other
  • your forthcoming anniversary

2. Mention the gift, if you are giving one.


  • A gift should arrive at your house by special mail within the week.
  • I hope you enjoy the small gift we sent.
  • To help express our love and appreciation, we are sending a gift.
  • The enclosed gift certificate is a small token of our admiration for you.
  • I hope you enjoy the gift I sent you.
  • We have sent a little something to help you celebrate the occasion.


  • a small gift for a great occasion
  • a small token of our affection
  • a gift should arrive
  • are sending a gift
  • as a token of our esteem
  • couldn't resist the
  • hope this will remind you of
  • hope you enjoy the gift
  • hope you enjoy it
  • made me think of you
  • our way of saying
  • sent you a little something
  • should arrive within a few days
  • the enclosed gift certificate
  • to help celebrate the occasion
  • to add to your collection of
  • to show our admiration
  • to express our love
  • to express our appreciation
  • want you to have this

3. Express anticipation for future successes.


  • I wish you all the happiness in the world.
  • May you enjoy many more happy years together.
  • Best wishes as you work toward your golden anniversary.
  • Wishing you a happy and prosperous future.
  • Best wishes for a golden future. How about another fifty?


  • a happy and prosperous future
  • all the best for
  • as you look towards your
  • best wishes for
  • for a golden future
  • for the future
  • good wishes for
  • may the future be
  • as good to you as the past
  • may the future hold
  • many more happy years
  • may you enjoy many more years together
  • just a prelude to a happy future
  • wish you every happiness
  • wish you many more happy years together
  • wish you all the happiness in the world
  • wish you continuing success
  • wish you many more

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