Tutorial for “Congratulate Someone on the Birth or Adoption of a Child”


Few events are more important than the arrival of a child. The parents are usually bursting with pride, eager to show off their baby, and fishing for compliments. Gratify them.


1. Start with a direct statement of congratulations, acknowledging the significance of the event.


  • Congratulations on the birth of your son! Having three children of my own, I know how excited--and nervous--you must be right now, but hang in there.
  • Thanks for sending me an announcement concerning the arrival of your daughter, and congratulations!
  • I know from personal experience how much energy babies require, but believe me, it's all worth it.
  • Congratulations! I saw your announcement on the office bulletin board. My best wishes to both you and the baby.
  • Congratulations! What a blessing in your life. I hope both Jane and the baby are doing well.
  • I have often noticed the pictures of your children on your desk, and I know how much you love them.
  • Congratulations on the birth of your grandchild!
  • I loved the picture of your new baby. She looks just like you!
  • It's nice to know that in this challenging world, another baby will have a loving, stable home.


  • a wonderful addition to your family
  • a beautiful baby boy
  • a challenge and a blessing in one package
  • all the disturbed nights
  • am well acquainted with
  • am so happy for you
  • am sure he dominates the household
  • brings such joy into your home
  • congratulations on the birth of your
  • delighted to hear of the arrival of
  • extend my best wishes to
  • has arrived at last
  • have begun a wonderful journey
  • how much energy babies require
  • is all worthwhile
  • joy of that first smile
  • know you'll do just fine
  • know you'll be a great mother
  • know from personal experience
  • long process of adoption
  • long-awaited baby
  • look forward to
  • looks just like you
  • loved the photo of your new baby
  • must be thrilled about
  • must be proud to
  • new addition to your family
  • nothing can compare with
  • one of the greatest joys of life
  • parenting is not always easy, but
  • recent addition to
  • running a little short on sleep
  • seeing you and the baby
  • seem to take over our lives
  • such loving parents
  • thanks for sending me an announcement
  • thrilled about the birth of your
  • to both you and the baby
  • truly a memorable occasion
  • very special event
  • was so happy to hear
  • was thrilled to hear
  • will be wonderful parents
  • wonderful and blessed event
  • your new little one

2. Mention the gift if you are giving one.


  • I hope you will forgive an old bachelor's ignorance, but since I don't know very much about what new babies and new parents need, I have enclosed a gift certificate from Doe's baby shop.
  • I have enclosed a check for you to use in whatever way you see fit. When our Eric was born what we really needed was cash! So use it and enjoy.
  • I have enclosed a gift which you may find useful. If not, please don't hesitate to exchange it for something more appropriate.
  • A gift should arrive by mail within a few days.
  • I took the safe way out and bought clothes slightly larger than newborn, so your daughter can grow into them.
  • I saw these booties when we were visiting in Springfield. I hope she enjoys them.


  • babies grow so fast
  • bought clothes slightly larger
  • bought a bigger size
  • can grow into them
  • can always use another
  • couldn't resist this
  • don't know very much about
  • enclosed a gift certificate from
  • enclosed a check
  • get something you really need
  • hope you can use this gift
  • hope it fits
  • hope you will find this useful
  • mailed a gift separately
  • please feel free to return or exchange it at
  • took the safe way out
  • use it and enjoy
  • were given one of these
  • what we really needed was

3. Express anticipation for a happy future.


  • Since I don't have children of my own, I feel very close to the kids of my friends and my brothers and sisters. I look forward to watching young Eric grow up in your capable hands.
  • Take care of the little one!
  • I wish you all the best in raising your son.
  • May your daughter grow up to be as good as the two of you.
  • Again, congratulations.
  • Again, I appreciate your sending me the birth announcement. You two are among the finest people I know, and I want to wish you all the happiness in the world as you raise your child.
  • You're an inspiration. I hope it will not be long before we can have the same happiness.


  • a wonderful future for your family
  • all the happiness in the world
  • all our best wishes
  • all the best
  • are among the finest people I know
  • as you raise your child
  • best wishes for
  • enjoy your beautiful little bundle
  • enjoy every moment
  • God's richest blessings
  • good things really do come in small packages
  • in your capable hands
  • in raising your daughter
  • look forward to
  • may she enrich your lives
  • to seeing you all
  • to meeting your new arrival
  • to watching young Eric grow up
  • want to wish you
  • wishing you the best

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