Tutorial for “Endorse a Proposal or Report”


Supervisors or other qualified reviewers evaluate proposals before sending them to the next stage. These communications are typically brief.


1. Identify what you are endorsing, give reasons for your endorsement, and indicate what will happen next.


  • I have read the proposal you sent last week for the Hong Kong project and find it acceptable in every way. Please move ahead with the plan.
  • I have read and analyzed the proposal you sent to me and want you to know that I think it is an excellent plan. I have passed the document on to the vice-president's office.
  • I have read your preliminary report of the accident, and I am satisfied with the thoroughness of your investigation and conclusions. I look forward to your presentation at the board meeting next Friday.
  • You may put me on record as endorsing your proposal. It is an excellent design for addressing the problems in the Springfield neighborhood. I hope it will be implemented quickly.
  • I read the report my staff prepared and am satisfied that they exercised their responsibility wisely and honestly. The investigation was thorough, the conclusions were intelligently derived from the findings, and the language was clear and direct.
  • The proposal is intelligently conceptualized and clearly articulated. Thanks for your good work. I will send the proposal on to the board with my recommendation for approval.


  • am happy to endorse
  • am satisfied that
  • am satisfied with
  • am pleased to recommend
  • am 100% behind
  • an excellent idea
  • arguments and conclusions
  • carefully researched
  • feel comfortable with
  • find it acceptable
  • forward for final approval
  • have read and analyzed
  • have passed it on to
  • have researched the
  • look forward to seeing
  • my recommendation for its approval
  • should implement
  • the research appears to be
  • think that this will
  • want to go on record as
  • want to let you know
  • will send it on to
  • will provide a good basis for
  • your innovative proposal
  • your report on

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