Tutorial for “Write a Letter to Accompany a Gift”


This letter's sole purpose is to accompany a gift and explain the reason for it. Use this opportunity to give a compliment, sympathy, support, or congratulations, but keep it brief.


1. Refer to the reason you are giving the gift.


  • Congratulations on your graduation!
  • We were so happy to hear that you finally bought that new home.
  • I want to commend you for your ten years of dedicated service to the Doe Institute.
  • Congratulations on another wonderful performance. You still have what it takes after twenty years.
  • I hope you have had a wonderful birthday!
  • Congratulations on this special day.
  • My thoughts are with you at this stressful time.
  • I was sorry to hear of your illness.
  • We appreciated the time you took to prepare such a thought-provoking lecture for our group last Tuesday.


  • a wonderful day
  • a difficult time for you
  • a day to remember
  • am so sorry that
  • are simply thrilled about
  • commend you for
  • congratulations on
  • hope you will have
  • how much we appreciated
  • how quickly time goes by
  • it's hard to believe
  • no special reason
  • share in your joy
  • so happy for you
  • thank you for
  • this special day
  • this special occasion
  • this stressful time
  • want you to know
  • was sorry to hear of
  • were so happy to hear

2. Mention the gift.


  • I hope you will enjoy the book. It has been very helpful to me.
  • In honor of the occasion, I hope you will accept the enclosed gift.
  • We offer you this gift as a small token of our appreciation for what you have done.
  • I hope this gift will brighten your home as much as it did great-grandfather's.
  • To help you celebrate, I have enclosed a small present.
  • Perhaps the book will help you pass the time.
  • Please accept this gift as a reminder of the occasion.
  • I am sorry that I couldn't be there to give you the present in person.


  • a small token of our
  • brought me great comfort when
  • could not resist this
  • has been very helpful to
  • has meant a great deal to me
  • hope this will remind you of
  • hope you will enjoy
  • hope you will
  • in honor of the occasion
  • just a small gift
  • present it in person
  • reminded me of
  • since I couldn't be there
  • to add to your collection
  • to help you celebrate
  • when I saw this
  • will find it useful
  • will accept this gift
  • will brighten your home
  • would have liked to

3. Close with warm wishes.


  • Have a wonderful day.
  • May you enjoy much success now and always.
  • Again, we appreciate your efforts.
  • I wish you both an enjoyable anniversary.
  • Thank you for your help.
  • I am so sorry for your loss.
  • Congratulations and best wishes for future success.


  • a bright and happy future
  • appreciate your efforts
  • appreciate all you do
  • be feeling much better soon
  • best wishes for
  • comes with our love
  • continued success in
  • for your help
  • for all you do
  • have a wonderful day
  • hope you will
  • life's richest blessings
  • many more to come
  • many happy returns
  • may you enjoy
  • now and always
  • our thoughts are with you
  • our prayers are with you
  • our warmest congratulations
  • thank you for
  • will be a great experience
  • wish you an enjoyable

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