Tutorial for “Write a Letter Acknowledging Achievements”


Acknowledging the accomplishments and achievements of customers, business associates, and civic leaders is a valuable method of maintaining your business's goodwill. These letters are usually brief and personal, often use the friendly letter form, and generally use a warm complimentary closing.


1. Begin by congratulating the recipient on his or her accomplishment or achievement. Specifically mention the achievement.


  • I was so pleased to read about your well-deserved promotion to branch manager of the Springfield Corporate Offices!
  • Congratulations on your award as "Employee of the Year."
  • I was delighted to hear that your daughter, Jane, has received Springfield's Student of the Year Award.
  • It was a pleasure to be at the banquet last night and see you receive one of the Outstanding Leadership Awards.
  • Congratulations on a well-deserved award as teacher of the year.


  • commend you for your
  • congratulations on
  • count it a privilege to
  • delighted to learn of
  • deserve this recognition
  • extend our heartiest congratulations
  • happy about your promotion to
  • happy to learn of your being honored for
  • have met the challenge of
  • is a pleasure to see you receive
  • is a significant honor
  • is a remarkable accomplishment
  • lucky to have you
  • must be very proud of
  • not at all surprised
  • on the occasion of
  • pleased to know of your success
  • public acknowledgment of your
  • such a prestigious award
  • this recognition of
  • to see you honored for
  • was delighted to hear that
  • was so pleased to
  • well-deserved promotion
  • well-earned commendation
  • wish you continued success
  • your outstanding achievement

2. Expand or elaborate on your congratulations.


  • Even when we were in high school together, you were always a mover and a shaker. I am sure you will relish the challenges of your new position as you continue to rise up the corporate ladder.
  • Your excellent customer relations skills are an example to all of us at Doe's, and your record-breaking sales are proof of our customers' satisfaction.
  • I know the award also honors her parents who have raised such a committed and hardworking student. In fact, all of your children do you credit, and I am pleased that they have all been our customers through the years.
  • Your efforts over the years to offer employment and recreation to the youth of Springfield has required enormous amounts of time and patience, as well as the skill of a diplomat. Not only have you helped our youth, but our entire community has benefited.
  • I still remember when you first began working in the mail room at Doe's. As I recall, you quickly became our most valued mail room employee. When you became supervisor, I remember how smoothly our mail service operated. Since then, you have gently but firmly led us all into the computer age.


  • a significant and happy occasion for
  • a great deal of time and effort
  • am glad to see that you are so highly valued
  • am confident that even greater growth will
  • are recognized among your peers
  • are a credit to
  • are lucky to have you
  • are your most ardent fans
  • are an example to all of us
  • award is very timely
  • can hardly wait to
  • clearly result from your tireless efforts
  • continue to rise up the corporate ladder
  • have passed a milestone
  • have the qualities that everyone values
  • have long admired the quality of your
  • have become well known for your expertise in
  • helped us to find success
  • no one could do a better job
  • not surprised to learn that
  • solid record of progress and achievement
  • such an award honors not only
  • the careful attention you pay to
  • well on your way to stardom
  • wish we could have been there
  • wish you continued success in
  • your wonderful success with

3. Close with a positive statement, often a repeated expression of congratulation.


  • Congratulations again on your latest achievement.
  • I am glad this occasion gives me the chance to assure you of our high regard for your work.
  • I am sure Elaine will have an exciting and successful year at State in the fall. You certainly have reason to be proud of her!
  • I am glad that your fine work has now been publicly acknowledged.


  • a highly valued colleague
  • accept our sincerest congratulations
  • applaud your accomplishment
  • assure you of our esteem and high regard
  • best wishes for the future
  • commend you for your excellent
  • congratulations once again for
  • deserve this recognition
  • enjoy a successful future as
  • every reason to be proud of
  • has now been publicly acknowledged
  • have passed this milestone
  • in years to come
  • is a pleasure to recall
  • keep up the good work
  • look forward to
  • many more years of association with
  • pleased to know of your success
  • record of achievement is an inspiration to
  • so pleased that you have been recognized for
  • this very special occasion
  • wish you continued success

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