Tutorial for “Extend Mother's Day or Father's Day Greetings And/or Announce Sales or Promotions For These Days”


Sending Mother's Day and Father's Day greetings to your employees can build a great deal of goodwill. Loyal customers also appreciate this personal touch. Special promotions may focus on your customers' fatherhood or motherhood.


1. Open with a greeting and acknowledge the occasion. Tell your reader why you are writing.


  • Our fathers, whether the baseball or the book club kind, have inspired many of us to do our best in this world. Father's Day is a chance to show them how much they have meant to us. Doe Corporation is honoring all our fathers in a special way this year.
  • Just a note to let you know that we honor you and all mothers on this Mother's Day.
  • This Mother's Day we want all our customers to feel special, so we are having a grand sale!
  • John, over the years you have worked here I have watched you raise your kids and want you to know how much I admire the terrific job you are doing. Happy Father's Day!
  • Jane, I admire your ability to hold down this crazy job and raise your wonderful children. We in the department are all thinking of you this Mother's Day.
  • Happy Mother's Day!
  • Our Father's Day Sale this year is larger than ever!


  • a mother's challenging role
  • a special sale in honor of
  • admire your strength and patience
  • are having a sale
  • as we celebrate Motherhood
  • for all the fathers out there
  • how much we admire your
  • how much you all mean to us
  • if it weren't for people like you
  • in honor of all mothers
  • in celebration of Fatherhood
  • special thanks to all the fathers
  • the management would like to extend
  • the joys and trials of
  • to let you know how much we appreciate
  • to honor the fathers
  • want you to know
  • will be thinking of you this Mother's Day
  • would like to acknowledge the
  • your leadership as a parent and employee
  • your dedication to your children
  • your energy and enthusiasm

2. Give details of promotions or a personal note, if appropriate. Close pleasantly.


  • In honor of all fathers, Doe's Sales department is offering some remarkably low prices on selected products from our line.
  • I know how proud you are of your children and hope you will get to see all of them this Mother's Day. We are thinking of you.
  • I wish my son were taking me salmon fishing this weekend. Enjoy yourself and good luck!
  • Use this weekend to relax and reflect upon your accomplishments as a mother. You deserve to be pampered, for a change.
  • Our Mother's Day Sale features nearly everything a mother could want. Please call and make an appointment with your sales representative.
  • In honor of Father's Day, Doe's is doing something unusual. All the fathers may take next Monday off, with pay, compliments of Mr. Doe. Enjoy the three-day weekend with your families with no worries about work. You deserve it!
  • On your first Father's Day please accept my very best wishes and sincere thanks for all you do to keep this company running smoothly. Take it easy this weekend.


  • are thinking of you
  • call or stop by to take advantage of
  • certainly deserve a break
  • come in today to place your order
  • enjoy this weekend with your children
  • for being such a wonderful mother
  • for all your hard work
  • for raising your children so well
  • from one father to another
  • in appreciation of
  • just hang in there
  • just to say thank you for
  • let your children pamper you for once
  • one-day sale in honor of
  • please accept my best wishes
  • proud of your children
  • the time you have spent with your children
  • to show how much I appreciate all you do
  • use this time to
  • will hold these prices through
  • your willingness to serve

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