Tutorial for “Extend an Invitation to Join an Organization”


Make your invitation direct and wholehearted, but avoid excessive flattery.


1. Extend the invitation, indicating how the reader qualifies for membership.


  • Because of the interest you have shown in maintaining our natural resources, we extend to you a warm invitation to join the Friends of Western Wilderness.
  • We congratulate you on your sterling academic performance and extend to you an invitation to join the Doe Honor Society.
  • The Reality Society is always interested in associating with young professionals like you who have shown outstanding sales and leadership performance. We therefore extend a cordial invitation to you to join our society.
  • Congratulations on breaking the $50,000 sales barrier! You now qualify for membership in the Silver Chalice Club.
  • We extend an invitation to you and your high school students to become members of our drug-free coalition.
  • As one of our preferred customers, you are invited to become a member of our Christmas club.


  • a warm invitation to you to
  • a cordial invitation to you to
  • after our conversation of
  • am writing on behalf of
  • appreciate the importance of
  • are interested in joining us
  • are invited to
  • as a new resident of
  • become a member of
  • congratulate you on
  • extend to you our
  • have shown outstanding
  • have been nominated for
  • in associating with
  • invite you to
  • is always interested in
  • nominated you to
  • offers many service opportunities
  • qualify for membership in
  • the interest you have shown
  • to the first meeting of
  • to invite you to
  • to become part of
  • to join the
  • was delighted to learn
  • your efforts on behalf of
  • your selfless work with

2. Explain the purpose of the organization and how the reader's qualifications are consistent with that purpose.


  • The coalition was formed at the last PTA meeting to help students avoid illegal drugs and to stop drug trafficking at our school.
  • As a member of the club, you will save an extra 5% on all purchases this year.
  • We meet monthly to share ideas and receive instruction from national leaders in the field.
  • The Society provides recognition for superior performance and assists scholars in obtaining research and travel funds.


  • a common interest in
  • are organizing a
  • areas of common interest
  • as a member you will
  • enjoy social get-togethers
  • focus our efforts on
  • has a tradition of
  • have joined forces to
  • improve the quality of life in
  • in order to help
  • involved in charitable work
  • make a difference in
  • meet monthly to share
  • organization is dedicated to
  • prestigious organization is involved in
  • primary focus is on
  • provides recognition for
  • raises money for
  • receive instruction from
  • share a commitment to
  • the preservation of
  • throughout the area
  • very successful in the past
  • was established in

3. Explain, if desired, relevant expectations of members: fees, participation, time commitments.


  • There are no membership fees.
  • Participation does not entail any costs.
  • Members contribute $5.00 per month to cover postal expenses.
  • With the annual membership dues of $50.00 comes a year's subscription to our newsletter.
  • We hold meetings monthly to coordinate activities with the local authorities.
  • To accommodate members' busy schedules, we hold our meetings during the lunch hour.


  • annual membership dues of
  • are aware that time can be our scarcest commodity
  • are funded by the membership dues of
  • ask for a donation of
  • ask members to contribute
  • chief commitment is time
  • costs are minimal
  • each serve on a committee
  • expect members to attend at least
  • hold meetings monthly
  • in addition to committee meetings every
  • includes a subscription to
  • keep our meetings brief
  • know that our members are busy
  • meets weekly to review
  • membership dues are very reasonable, only
  • no membership fees
  • request that our members
  • socialize after meetings
  • take turns hosting the
  • to cover expenses

4. Express anticipation of the reader's acceptance and your desire for future association.


  • We hope you will be able to join us in this worthy cause.
  • We look forward to your reply.
  • We hope to have a long association with you.
  • We hope you will join us. Together we can make a difference.
  • We look forward to sharing your future successes, too.
  • You have much to contribute to the cause. We hope you will be part of the Society.


  • are willing to participate
  • at our next meeting
  • at your earliest convenience
  • convey your acceptance to
  • eager to welcome you into
  • give serious thought to
  • have much to contribute to
  • hope to hear from you
  • hope that you
  • hope for a long association with
  • if you have any questions
  • if you could join us
  • look forward to your acceptance
  • make formal application
  • meeting you personally
  • please let me know if
  • please come share your ideas
  • why not attend our next meeting
  • will be part of the
  • will attend our first meeting
  • will join us
  • will be able to
  • would be pleased to
  • would be part of the group
  • would be great if

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