Tutorial for “Extend an Invitation For a Job Interview”


Make this letter direct and encouraging, but not overbearing.


1. Acknowledge previous correspondence, or inform the reader of the open position.


  • We have reviewed your resume and application for a position with Doe Incorporated.
  • Doe Corporation is searching for a new Director of Marketing to work at our corporate headquarters.
  • Thank you for your application for the position of Plant Manager.
  • I enjoyed my brief meeting with you to discuss your ideas about marketing our new software.
  • Thank you for taking the time to meet with me to discuss possible employment opportunities with our company.
  • Thank you for considering Doe Corporation in your employment search.


  • a preliminary review of possible candidates
  • are searching for a new
  • as we discussed
  • attended your presentation on
  • enjoyed your presentation at
  • favorably impressed me
  • for the position of
  • gave your name
  • have been watching your career with
  • have reviewed your resume
  • informed me of your interest in
  • mentioned your name as a possible
  • mentioned that you might be interested in
  • most favorably referred
  • mutual acquaintance has told me of your
  • possible employment opportunity
  • recently told me about your expertise in
  • thank you for submitting your
  • told me something of your accomplishments
  • was very impressed by your
  • you were recommended to us
  • you have been brought to our attention as
  • you have become well-known for
  • your search for employment
  • your extensive experience with
  • your application for a position at

2. Extend the invitation to interview, indicating that the reader meets your preliminary qualifications.


  • Your background and training match those we look for in our employees; consequently, we are interested in speaking with you in person.
  • You appear to possess both the skills and experience required to fill this position. We would appreciate your calling to arrange a time for an interview.
  • We are pleased to invite you to be interviewed for the position.
  • I was favorably impressed with your qualifications and would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you again.
  • We are impressed with your training and work experience and would like to meet with you in an interview.


  • appear to possess the skills and experience
  • are very interested in your extensive experience
  • are favorably impressed with
  • are pleased to invite you to
  • are similar to those we are looking for
  • have the background we seek
  • hope to move rapidly toward a new appointment
  • if you would like to speak further
  • if you are interested
  • invite you to contact
  • invite you to attend an interview
  • like to discuss this in more detail
  • meet with you in an interview
  • need to arrange an interview
  • please call to set up an appointment
  • qualifications required to fill this position
  • seem to match our requirements
  • speaking with you in person
  • to meet with you again
  • would very much like to talk
  • would be glad to meet with you
  • would like to invite you to
  • would appreciate the opportunity
  • would like to discuss the position with you
  • would be interested in
  • your background and training
  • your training and work experience

3. Arrange to schedule the interview or provide the date, time, and location already scheduled.


  • If you are available for an interview, please call me at 555-5555 to arrange a time.
  • If you are interested in this opportunity, I would be pleased to meet with you. You can reach me at the Doe headquarters. My telephone number is 555-5555.
  • Your interview has been scheduled for Thursday, February 3, at 10:00 a.m. in Conference Room A of the Doe Plaza Building, 1600 Main Street in Springfield. Parking is available in the underground area with an entrance from Main Street.
  • Should these second interviews prove productive, the next step will be to request a reference check before making an employment offer. Please call me at 555-5555 to arrange a convenient date and time for the interview.
  • John Doe, director of our human resource department, would like to meet with you at 1:00 p.m. on June 6. Mr. Doe's secretary will inform you of the location.


  • arrange a meeting at your convenience
  • at that time, you will meet with
  • at your earliest convenience
  • call me to confirm date and time
  • can reach me at
  • for an appointment
  • have tentatively scheduled your appointment for
  • if you are interested in this opportunity
  • if you would be available for an interview
  • if that time is not convenient
  • if you have any questions
  • let me know if you are interested
  • please call my office
  • the above address and telephone number
  • to set up an interview
  • to arrange a convenient time
  • will provide round-trip plane tickets
  • will be interviewing for the position on
  • would like to meet with you at
  • would like to arrange the interview for next week
  • your interview has been scheduled for

4. Express anticipation of a response.


  • I look forward to hearing from you soon.
  • I eagerly await your call.
  • Please let me know if you are interested in the position we discussed. We look forward to your reply.
  • Again, thank you for your interest in the position.
  • We look forward to meeting with you.


  • at your earliest convenience
  • await your call
  • if the prospect appeals to you
  • if you are interested
  • in our company
  • in the position
  • look forward to
  • my e-mail address is
  • please let me know
  • please call or write me
  • thank you for your interest
  • to hearing from you soon
  • to hearing from you
  • to your reply
  • to meeting you in person
  • to meeting you again
  • to confirm the arrangement
  • unless we hear from you
  • will wait to hear from you
  • will expect to see you at that time

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