Tutorial for “Dear Ex: Things Turned Out Okay For Everyone. (We're Older Now, But Wiser.)”


Love letters should be carefully planned and written. They are often read, re-read, and kept indefinitely. Love letters are very personal and sensitive, and can present a problem unless they are used on occasions such as Valentine's Day or an anniversary.


1. Don't write because you want to complain, criticize, or gloat over the past or the present.

2. Begin with what's new/interesting in your life; inquire about what's new with him/her.

3. Point out that your children (if any) are the most successful results of your life together.

4. Mention something you admire about your ex and a pleasant memory from the past.

5. Comment on how both of you have been happier and better off leading separate lives.

6. Whatever the past, assure your ex you bear no grudge; offer good wishes for the future.

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