Notify an Insurance Policyholder of a Pending Cancellation of the Policy

Sample Letter #1

We have not received your July 1 premium payment. Please be aware that the grace period for your policy ends on August 25. You have been a valued customer of Doe Insurance for over five years and have benefited from low premiums and comprehensive coverage. Please remit today to avoid cancellation. We want to continue serving your insurance needs.

Sample Letter #2

Please remember that your monthly insurance premium of $75.61 is past due. Because your hazard insurance is critical to you, your family, and your home, we urge you to remit payment immediately. Should your coverage lapse and a subsequent accident occur, you would have no coverage for losses or possible litigation. Unless our office receives your payment by May 5, your policy will lapse. Please do not jeopardize the financial security of your family by failing to pay your premium immediately.

Sample Letter #3

Your July premium for your homeowner's policy is past due, and the grace period expires on May 5, at midnight. Your valuable protection ends at that time, leaving your home and personal items unprotected. Please remit your premium today, so you will continue to have this important protection.

Sample Letter #4

We have not yet received the July premium payment on your auto insurance policy, and would like to remind you that the low premium you enjoy is partially dependent on your having uninterrupted coverage. If we have not received your payment by midnight on July 20, your policy will lapse, with all the inconvenience that that entails.

Please send your premium payment as soon as possible. If you have mailed it in the past week, please ignore this notice.

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