Accept an Honor | Letter-Writing Guide


Accepting an award or honor in writing not only shows respect and appreciation, but also provides a way to clarify any details about the event or procedure.


1. Begin by warmly accepting the award, specifically naming what the award is for.

  • I was thrilled to learn that I was chosen as Employee of the Year for Doe International. I accept this honor with deep appreciation.
  • When I heard that I was nominated to receive this award, I couldn't believe it. But now that I have actually been chosen, I am overwhelmed.
  • It is with great pleasure that I accept this award for outstanding leadership in the sales department.
  • My wife and I find great personal satisfaction in caring for our garden and had no idea that it was attracting so much attention. We are honored to accept the Springfield Community Beautification Award.
  • Our company has worked hard to serve the citizens of Springfield for many years, and we are honored to accept this year's Community Service Award.
  • I am honored to accept the Centennial Literary Award from Doe College for my personal narrative.
  • accept this honor
  • accept this award for
  • am excited to accept this
  • am honored to accept this
  • am delighted to accept
  • find great personal satisfaction in
  • had no idea that
  • that I was chosen as
  • to be chosen as
  • to learn that
  • was thrilled to
  • was surprised and delighted
  • was moved beyond words
  • what an honor it is to
  • when I heard that I was
  • will be an honor for me to
  • with great pleasure
  • with the utmost pleasure
  • with gratitude to
  • with sincere appreciation

2. If there is an awards ceremony, indicate your intention to attend and confirm the details of the event, such as the date, time, and location. Clarify what your participation will consist of.

  • I wanted to let you know that my family and I plan to attend the awards banquet on Tuesday, May 18, at 7:00 p.m.
  • I understand that the ceremony will be held at the Springfield Banquet Hall on March 23. Do I need to prepare a short acceptance speech?
  • My husband and I look forward to attending the acceptance ceremony on July 15.
  • I regret that I will not be able to accept this honor in person, because I will be out of town the day of the banquet.
  • When I receive the award during the ceremony, I would like permission to thank my benefactors and others who have contributed to my success.
  • I will attend the ceremony on Friday, February 3, at 11:00 a.m. with my wife and our three children.
  • I will be happy to attend the awards ceremony tomorrow evening at 7:30.
  • along with my family
  • do you plan to
  • do I need to
  • look forward to
  • on the day of the
  • plan to attend the
  • plan to attend
  • please let me know whether
  • regret that I will not be able to
  • should I prepare to
  • to give a short acceptance speech
  • to attend the ceremony on
  • understand that the ceremony will take place at
  • wanted to let you know that
  • when I receive this award
  • will arrive in Springfield on
  • will be happy to
  • will not be available to
  • will be out of town
  • would like permission to thank
  • would it be appropriate to
  • would you like me to

3. If requested, offer any necessary personal materials such as photographs or a biography.

  • As you asked, I have sent your secretary a short biography and a few photographs of myself as a child. Please let me know if you need anything else.
  • I have enclosed the information you requested about my hobbies and interests.
  • I have set an appointment with the company photographer to have my picture taken for the plaque, and have been told that it should be ready early next week.
  • In your letter you mentioned that you would like to conduct a short personal interview. I am available this Thursday at noon. Where would you like to meet?
  • As you requested, my family and I have filled out the questionnaire you sent, have had a portrait taken, and will mail these items to your office by Friday.
  • a brief sketch of
  • a short biography
  • am sending the
  • as you requested
  • have enclosed a
  • have enclosed the
  • have filled out the questionnaire
  • have mailed the
  • have set an appointment with
  • if you need any more information
  • information you requested
  • list of my most recent
  • list of my publications
  • mentioned that you would like to
  • need to update the
  • schedule the interview
  • should receive it by
  • the items you requested
  • the photograph you requested
  • the biographical data you asked for
  • will be available on
  • will be happy to

4. Close by expressing sincere appreciation for the honor.

  • I find it difficult to express how flattered I am that you would give me this honor.
  • I am grateful to receive this honor.
  • I never expected to receive an award for the work that I do every day. Thank you very much. I appreciate the recognition.
  • This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me, and I thank you for it.
  • Thank you for acknowledging my efforts to make a difference in the company.
  • I appreciate the honor.
  • Please accept my sincere thanks for awarding our office such an honor.
  • a special memory
  • appreciate the honor
  • appreciate the recognition
  • at being offered this
  • feel quite overwhelmed
  • feel very flattered
  • for this exciting opportunity
  • for thinking of me
  • grateful to receive such an honor
  • hope to make a difference
  • how much I appreciate
  • never expected such a
  • once in a lifetime
  • please accept my sincere thanks
  • thank you very much
  • thank you for
  • this unexpected recognition
  • want to tell you
  • want you to know
  • will never forget your
  • will always remember this

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