Accept a Request to Serve In an Honorary Position — Letter-Writing Tutorial


Offer a polite, appreciative response that helps clarify what is expected of you. Be sure you have a clear definition of your role from the outset to avoid misunderstandings later.


1. Graciously express your willingness to serve.


  • Thank you for your kindness in requesting that I serve as honorary chair for the Doe fund raiser. I will be happy to serve.
  • Thank you for the confidence you have shown in me by requesting that I be an honorary board member. I will be honored to lend my name and support to your effort.
  • I am delighted to help by being an honorary member of the Doe Society.
  • Thank you for thinking of me. I will be happy to lend my name to such a worthwhile cause.
  • As a matter of principle, I rarely lend my name in support of social causes; but in this case, I can see how much good we can accomplish. I will be happy to be your honorary president for campaign 2000.
  • Your confidence in me to help your cause is touching. It will be an honor for me to be your honorary chair.
  • I am honored that you selected me to be the Grand Marshal for the Springfield Festival parade.


  • accept your offer
  • am delighted to
  • am honored to be
  • for the confidence you have shown in me
  • for thinking of me
  • for your kindness in requesting
  • how much good can be accomplished
  • it will be a pleasure to
  • lend my name and support to
  • serve as honorary chair of
  • such a wonderful reputation for
  • such a worthwhile cause
  • support your organization
  • thank you for
  • the confidence you are placing in me
  • this exciting opportunity
  • to help your cause
  • to get involved in
  • to accept your
  • to assist you
  • will be happy to
  • will be honored
  • will be an honor for me
  • your request that

2. Confirm that the position is honorary and that the organization will not require your personal involvement.


  • I understand from your letter that I need not attend the meetings, only the telethon.
  • Because of other commitments, I need to know that you will not expect my personal appearance.
  • Although I would normally enjoy being closely involved in the campaign, I trust you understand that I will not be available to participate in person. However, I will be happy to sign the fundraising letters.
  • Although I will not be able to be involved personally, I hope my nominal contribution will help.
  • Since my involvement is honorary and does not require activity on my part, I will consent in spite of my heavy schedule.
  • In accepting your invitation, I understand that the organization will not request me to travel or attend the meetings.
  • I understand that my only duty is to ride in the 4th of July parade.


  • because of other commitments
  • does not require me to
  • hope my nominal contribution will
  • my only duty will be to
  • my personal appearance will not be necessary
  • need to know that
  • participate in person in
  • personal involvement will be limited to
  • plan to attend only the
  • since my involvement is honorary
  • trust you understand that
  • understand that the organization will not request
  • understand from your letter
  • will, of course, be happy to
  • will not be necessary for me to
  • will not be available to
  • will not be able to
  • will participate only in the
  • will not expect me to

3. Express your own interest in and support for the goals, activities, or aspirations of the organization making the request.


  • I have personally seen the results of your activities, so I come on board without hesitation.
  • I know that the Doe fund raiser has always been a major source of revenue for community causes. I am glad to contribute in my small way.
  • I have a special interest in your work, and would like to receive more information on your activities and accomplishments during the past year.
  • Since my name will be identified with your cause, it would be helpful to have vital information at my fingertips to share with others when questions arise.
  • With organizations like yours contributing so much to our school, we can all take heart that the future will be better for our kids.
  • I know you have earned broad support in the community, and you may rest assured that I am solidly behind your efforts.


  • additional information on
  • am solidly behind your efforts to
  • can all take heart
  • contributing so much to
  • earned broad support in the community
  • glad to contribute to
  • happy to identify with
  • has always been a
  • have personally seen
  • have a special interest in
  • know that you have
  • major source of revenue for
  • making a real difference
  • may rest assured that
  • pleased to come on board
  • the results of your activities
  • to relieve the plight of
  • very near to my heart
  • when questions arise
  • with organizations like yours
  • working for a better future
  • would like to receive
  • your significant accomplishments

4. Express a wish for the organization's future success.


  • Please accept my best wishes for continued success.
  • You deserve all the success that comes your way.
  • I hope your fund raiser exceeds your expectations.
  • I wish you the very best in this endeavor.
  • Best wishes in all your caring and doing.
  • I wish you every success. You deserve it.
  • With your good organization linked to just causes, I feel confident you will succeed admirably.


  • deserve every success
  • even further success
  • ever-increasing success in
  • exceeds your expectations
  • feel confident that
  • for continued success
  • helping you make a difference
  • hope that your fund raiser
  • in this endeavor
  • in all you do
  • in your work for this excellent cause
  • keep up the good work
  • look forward to
  • my best wishes for
  • please accept my
  • that comes your way
  • the best of luck to you
  • will succeed admirably
  • wish you well
  • wish you every success
  • wish you the very best

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