Acknowledge the Receipt of a Suggestion from an Employee — Letter-Writing Tutorial


A brief letter acknowledging an employee's suggestion is a good investment in company growth and employee morale. You may wish to meet personally with the employee to get a full explanation of the suggestion. If you are responding by e-mail, you might send copies, including the original suggestion, to other interested persons. Send the letter within a day or two of receiving the suggestion.


1. Thank the employee for the suggestion. Make sure the employee understands which suggestion you are acknowledging.


  • Thank you for your suggestion about modifying our accounting procedures. It appears that your idea may save us all considerable time and money.
  • Your suggestion about monitoring the progress of our development team might be just what we have been looking for.
  • Thank you for taking the time to communicate your ideas on how we can make the retirement plan more appealing.
  • Thanks for your suggestion regarding a more efficient way to handle mailings. We are always open to new ideas.
  • Your idea for streamlining the admissions process is brilliant. I wish I had thought of it myself.
  • I appreciate your suggestion that we eliminate the requirement for a second examination. I think everyone would benefit in the end.
  • Employees' suggestions are always welcome. Thanks for your insights regarding how we might improve the safety of our machine shops.
  • I commend you for your insight and initiative in submitting a plan for improving our marketing strategy.


  • always welcome employees' suggestions
  • am always grateful for
  • appreciate your suggesting that
  • are always looking for ways to
  • are always open to new ideas
  • commend you for your initiative
  • for your suggestion
  • for taking the time to
  • for submitting your suggestion that we
  • for being willing to
  • for your insights into
  • thank you for
  • to build morale
  • to streamline our processes
  • to improve efficiency
  • to share your insights
  • to save time and money
  • to communicate your ideas regarding
  • to take the trouble to
  • was pleased to receive your
  • your suggestion regarding

2. Explain how you or others will consider the employee's suggestion, and when he or she can expect a reply.


  • I will discuss your idea with the vice presidents and get back to you with a decision within a week or two.
  • I am sending copies of your proposal to each of the division heads. After they respond, I will let you know whether we will implement this procedure.
  • I will run your suggestion past our legal counsel to see what the implications of such changes may be. I should be able to respond within the month.
  • I will present your suggestion in our next executive meeting and let you know by memo how the committee wants to handle the issue.
  • We will consider your suggestion along with several others at our next meeting and will announce our decision in the weekly newsletter.
  • I have asked the foreman to consider your suggestion and respond to me by May 1. I will let you know what we decide as soon as possible after that.
  • We considered this idea in the past, but turned it down because we lacked room for the expansion. Perhaps the time has come to reconsider. I will let you know what we decide in a week or two.
  • We will notify you of our decision within thirty days.
  • We have reviewed your suggestion thoroughly and have decided to implement it June 1.


  • after thorough review
  • along with several other suggestions
  • as soon as possible
  • at their next meeting
  • have sent copies of your proposal to
  • need to examine all the ramifications of
  • next meeting will be on
  • should be able to
  • should reach a decision by
  • to give you a response by
  • will inform you
  • will run your suggestion past
  • will let you know
  • will submit this to
  • will get back to you
  • will pass this on to
  • will be announced on
  • will discuss your idea with
  • will be discussing this issue
  • will notify you of our decision within
  • will consider your suggestion
  • will be discussed in our next
  • will present your suggestion to

3. Express sincere appreciation for the employee's idea, insight, or suggestion.


  • We depend on the efficiency of people like you to keep us competitive in today's market.
  • I commend you for your thoughtful concern for the safety of your fellow workers.
  • We greatly appreciate the time and effort you have put into this suggestion. We will award a cash prize of $200 to the employee who submits the best suggestion this month. Good luck!
  • Thank you for helping us solve a problem that has troubled us for some time.
  • Thanks for the innovative idea. I am placing a letter of commendation in your file, which I hope will benefit you in your career.
  • Our sincere thanks. We will note your suggestion in our newsletter.


  • commend you for your
  • depend on employees like you
  • for sharing your ideas
  • for taking the time to
  • greatly appreciate your
  • helping us to find a solution to
  • in recognition of
  • of people like you
  • our sincere thanks for
  • placing a letter of commendation in your file
  • rely on the innovative thinking of
  • thank you for
  • the thought and effort you put into
  • the many contributions you make to
  • to keep us competitive in today's market
  • will note your suggestion in our newsletter
  • your thoughtful concern
  • your insight into
  • your willingness to
  • your dedication to

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