Acknowledge an Order or Subscription — Letter-Writing Tutorial


A brief acknowledgment of an order or subscription is a way to build goodwill and trust with a customer. The letter assures the customer that you have received the order and that you are acting on it. It also gives you an opportunity to communicate other information such as when the mailing will arrive, how you will deliver it, and what other products or services you can offer.


1. Acknowledge the specific order and explain its status. Include, as necessary, any special information, including shipment schedules, availability, and method of payment.


  • We will ship your order for three apple trees and two pear trees from our Springfield nursery as soon as the weather in your area is warm enough for planting.
  • We will ship your order #555 for 3,000 plastic box liners by Doe Delivery Service this week.
  • Thank you for ordering our Deluxe Vacuum System. Mr. Doe, our local service representative, will call on you this week to arrange the installation.
  • Thank you for your subscription to Doe Weekly. Delivery will begin with our December 1 issue.
  • Delivery of your deluxe mixer may be slightly delayed because of a local trucker's strike. We will ship your order as soon as possible.
  • Thank you for your order! We are sending all items except the bicycle, which is on back order. We apologize for the delay and any inconvenience it may cause. We will send your bicycle as soon as it arrives in our warehouse next week.
  • Response to our recent offer has far exceeded our expectations. While this is gratifying, it will result in a delay in filling your order. To thank you for your patience, we will include a special gift certificate with your order.


  • are sending your
  • as soon as possible
  • can expect to receive
  • delivery will begin
  • for your order
  • for ordering our
  • for your subscription to
  • in two separate shipments
  • is now available in
  • item is back ordered
  • normal turnaround time is
  • our local service representative
  • should receive your
  • thank you for
  • under separate cover
  • will be shipped on
  • will make every effort to
  • will ship your order
  • will be shipped directly from
  • will send the items
  • will call you to arrange

2. Express your pleasure at being chosen to fill the order or subscription.


  • We are delighted that you have chosen Doe Nurseries to meet your fruit-growing needs.
  • It is always a pleasure to serve you.
  • We are pleased that you recognize the value of this service.
  • We find great satisfaction in helping discerning customers like you learn of these exciting opportunities.
  • Welcome to the family of Doe customers.
  • You are a highly valued customer. Thank you for your patience at this busy time.


  • always a pleasure to
  • always eager to
  • are glad you have
  • are delighted that
  • are sure that
  • are sure you will
  • are confident that
  • for thinking of us
  • for choosing us to
  • take great satisfaction in
  • thank you for
  • that you have chosen us to
  • value your business
  • were delighted to receive your
  • were pleased to receive your
  • will be pleased with
  • will not regret your choice
  • will be impressed with
  • will be delighted with
  • will enjoy your new

3. Help the customer feel that he or she has made the right decision. As appropriate, make a brief pitch for another product or service you can offer.


  • When you receive trees from us, you know they are of the highest quality, and are the most disease resistant varieties available. Remember too that we offer the finest quality sprayers at bargain prices.
  • You will find these new box liners to be even more durable than those that you have been using.
  • I am sure you will be as pleased as we have been with the trouble-free performance of this model. If you need additional attachments, Mr. Doe at our Springfield outlet will be happy to assist you.
  • You are now among the thousands who use our travel letter to find their best vacation information. Remember, our local agency can also help you make reservations.
  • Just to keep you up-to-date on what is happening at Doe Nurseries, we want to tell you about our new ever bearing strawberries. They are bigger and sweeter than ever!
  • You have chosen the mixer that outperforms and outlasts all the rest. I know it will give you years of reliable service. Please also note that we offer our mixer owners attachments at 50% off the retail price.
  • For your spring shopping, remember that our annual clearance sale starts April 5.
  • These new diskettes are far superior to previous ones. I am sure you will find them worth the wait.


  • also offer a wide variety of
  • are always willing to
  • feel free to call
  • if you need additional
  • if you ever encounter any problems
  • many of our customers find that
  • may rest assured that
  • only the best is good enough for our
  • our customer service number is
  • outperforms and outlasts
  • remember that we also
  • should you change your address
  • simply contact your nearest
  • stand behind our
  • take pride in our
  • the trouble-free performance
  • very simple procedure
  • want to let you know about our
  • when you are ready to
  • when the time comes to upgrade
  • when you receive
  • will be happy to assist
  • will be amazed to find
  • will find these far superior to
  • will receive advance notice of

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