Acknowledge the Return of an Item For Exchange, Refund, or Credit — Letter-Writing Tutorial


Since the reader may be dissatisfied or defensive, make this letter especially courteous. You may wish to apologize for the inconvenience, but emphasize that you are making restitution.


1. Acknowledge the return and express your regret that the item proved unsatisfactory.


  • I am sorry that the hair dryer you purchased from our outlet has proven unsatisfactory.
  • We have received the item you returned for exchange and apologize for the mix-up.
  • We regret that the wireless radio-television you purchased from us was defective.
  • We are sorry to learn that your stoneware was damaged in shipment.
  • We received your defective calculator in the mail today.
  • Thank you for returning the toaster.


  • acknowledge the receipt of
  • am sorry that
  • apologize for your inconvenience
  • apologize for the
  • did not work properly
  • failed to meet your expectations
  • had problems with
  • has arrived at our
  • have received the
  • please accept our apologies for
  • proved to be defective
  • regret the error
  • returned for exchange
  • sorry you had problems with
  • thank you for returning
  • that you purchased from our
  • was damaged in shipping
  • was unsatisfactory
  • were sorry to learn that
  • were disappointed in
  • which you returned

2. Explain your decision to grant the exchange, refund, or credit.


  • Your new flatware is on its way.
  • We will be happy to refund your money, according to the terms of our warranty statement.
  • We have sent a replacement in a separate mailing.
  • We will send the new calculator as soon as we receive our next shipment.
  • Rather than repairing the defective set, we are sending a replacement.
  • Enclosed you will find a replacement part. If you have difficulty installing it, call 555-5555 and our representative will assist you.
  • We will ship a replacement at no additional cost to you.
  • We will credit your account with the full amount, including shipping costs.


  • are sending a replacement
  • as you requested
  • as soon as possible
  • as soon as we receive
  • at no cost to
  • at no additional cost
  • enclosed you will find
  • has been shipped
  • has been factory-tested
  • has been sent separately
  • have already mailed
  • have refunded your
  • have credited your account with
  • should arrive within
  • the terms of our warranty
  • will send your new
  • will be happy to
  • will mail your refund as soon as
  • will be on its way
  • will replace the

3. Thank the customer for his or her business and encourage future purchases.


  • Thank you for your business. We look forward to receiving your next order.
  • We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to serve you again soon.
  • I trust this adjustment will be satisfactory. Thank you for choosing Doe Corporation for your household needs.
  • We thank you for your patience.
  • We appreciate your business and have enclosed a complimentary catalog featuring our newest line of Doe products.
  • We have enjoyed serving you and look forward to your next order.


  • appreciate your patronage
  • are always happy to
  • for your business
  • for choosing Doe Corporation
  • for your patience
  • for your understanding
  • glad to be of service
  • happy to be of service
  • have enclosed a
  • hope to serve you again soon
  • is always a pleasure to
  • is important to us
  • is our top priority
  • look forward to
  • receiving your next order
  • stand by our products
  • thank you for
  • trust that this will be satisfactory
  • value your business
  • your satisfaction is
  • will be pleased with

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