Announce a Broken Engagement — Letter-Writing Tutorial


Send this letter to persons who have already received an announcement of the engagement or the wedding. It is inappropriate to elaborate on the reasons for the broken engagement.


1. State in simple, direct terms that the engagement has been cancelled.


  • Ashley Johnson and Eric Doe would like you to know that their marriage scheduled for the fifteenth of November, nineteen hundred ninety-six will not take place.
  • Eric and I have decided that we will always be good friends but not spouses, so as of last week we have broken our engagement.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson announce that the marriage of their daughter Ashley to Eric Doe has been cancelled.
  • Eric and I have decided that we will not be married, as previously announced.
  • This is to inform you that the engagement of Ashley Johnson to Eric Doe has been cancelled.


  • after careful consideration
  • after much discussion
  • announce that the marriage of their
  • apologize for any inconvenience
  • as of last week
  • as previously announced
  • decided not to marry
  • engagement has been broken off
  • have broken off their
  • have decided that
  • have broken our engagement
  • marriage has been cancelled
  • marriage will not take place
  • their marriage scheduled for
  • to inform you that the
  • which was scheduled for
  • will not be married
  • would like you to know that

2. If the reader is a close associate, consider adding a brief personal comment to ease any concerns.


  • I have appreciated your friendship and look forward to continuing our relationship. I feel this decision is in the best interest of everyone concerned.
  • Thanks for being happy for me when I got engaged. You can still be happy for me because I feel this change of plans is for the best.
  • I believe we are both relieved now that we have made this decision. I'm sure our relationship will continue, but on a different level.
  • Thanks for understanding.
  • I've appreciated your support and kindness. It's friends like you who are so valued at times when we must make difficult decisions.


  • appreciate your support and kindness
  • are doing the right thing
  • both feel that we
  • both feel relieved
  • can still be happy for us
  • change of plans is for the best
  • continuing our friendship
  • has been a difficult decision
  • have appreciated your friendship
  • look forward to
  • not been an easy decision
  • not a step to take lightly
  • reevaluated our decision
  • remain good friends
  • still think the world of each other
  • such a big step to take
  • thanks for being understanding
  • would be a mistake to

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