Announce a Job Opening — Letter-Writing Tutorial


This announcement is generally written in memo format. Remember that it will probably be posted on a bulletin board, so relevant information should be easy to read.


1. Name the position and its affiliation and location as appropriate. If the applicant pool is within the company, explain why the vacancy has occurred.


  • The Customer Support division announces a vacancy in its Springfield office.
  • Qualified persons are invited to apply for the Personnel Specialist position (Job Announcement #35) in the downtown branch of Doe Associates.
  • Doe University in downtown Springfield announces a vacancy for an assistant professor of economics.
  • Doe Publishers is seeking energetic college students for summertime employment in sales.
  • With the retirement of Jane Doe in two months, the sales department welcomes applications to fill the position of Western States supervisor.


  • a vacancy will be coming up in
  • announces an employment opportunity for a
  • announces a vacancy in its
  • are seeking interested
  • as most of you are already aware
  • because of the promotion of
  • company expansion is generating opportunities for
  • creating a vacancy in our
  • has immediate openings for
  • has a temporary job opening
  • has left us with a vacancy in the
  • has an excellent opportunity for a qualified
  • has a challenging opportunity for
  • has a vacancy in
  • if you meet the qualifications for
  • is recruiting for the position of
  • is seeking an experienced
  • looking for both experienced and inexperienced help
  • opening for an individual seeking a steady job
  • policy of promoting from within
  • prefer to promote from within
  • qualified persons are invited to apply for
  • will be leaving us to
  • will welcome applications for
  • wish to fill the position of
  • with the pending retirement of

2. State the minimal required qualifications and announce the deadline for applications.


  • This is an entry level position requiring at least a two-year college degree in a related area. Interested persons should submit their applications by June 30.
  • Experience in personnel operations is desirable. Applications will be accepted until June 30.
  • Applicants must be able to type 50 WPM and have good public relations skills. Deadline for application is April 15.
  • A Ph.D. degree is required. The deadline for the submission of applications is June 30.
  • No previous sales experience necessary. All hiring decisions must be made by May 1, so applications must be received by April 15.
  • Significant experience in corporate sales is required. We hope to fill the position by June 30.
  • Spanish language proficiency is required. The position will remain open until a suitable replacement is found.
  • We hope to fill this position with an experienced member of our present organization. June 30, 2002, is the closing date for applications.


  • applications will be accepted until
  • applications must be received by
  • at least three years of industrial experience
  • deadline for applications is
  • deadline for submission of applications is
  • degree is required
  • degree or certificate in
  • familiarity with
  • have good public relations skills
  • hope to fill the position by
  • hope to fill this position in-house
  • interested persons should
  • is the closing date for applications
  • is an entry-level position
  • must be able to
  • must have good telephone skills
  • must have completed a
  • must have minimum of
  • must be energetic and willing to learn
  • requires an excellent driving record
  • no previous experience necessary
  • only hard-working and dependable individuals need apply
  • or a related field
  • require significant experience in
  • requiring at least a two-year college degree in
  • should submit their applications by
  • supervisory experience
  • to converse in both Spanish and English
  • will train you
  • require experience in

3. Explain what information applicants must submit.


  • We request that candidates submit a letter of application and a current resume that includes three references.
  • Applicants should fill out the standard application form and attach a current resume.
  • Qualified applicants may apply in person at the central office.
  • Qualified applicants should send the following to the personnel office by April 15:<br /> 1. form 555<br /> 2. a current resume<br /> 3. a letter of recommendation from your previous or current supervisor
  • Interested persons are requested to call John Doe at 555-5555 for further application information.


  • along with two references
  • may submit applications and resumes to
  • call 555-5555 to request an application packet
  • call for an interview
  • can obtain application forms from
  • contact the Human Resources Department at
  • contact the service manager at
  • fax your resume to
  • fill out the standard application form
  • for further information call
  • interested persons are requested to
  • letters of recommendation
  • may apply in person at
  • need to submit the following information to
  • please apply in person at
  • send a current resume to
  • send the following to
  • send your resume and salary history to
  • stating your qualifications for the position
  • submit resume and references to
  • submit a letter of application
  • to schedule an interview call

4. Provide a job description, listing primary duties and responsibilities. Don't imply that the list is exhaustive.


  • Employee will give telephone assistance to customers who have questions regarding the use of Doe products.
  • Duties will include teaching undergraduate economics classes and advising students.
  • A job description is available on the bulletin board by the personnel office. Please review it carefully before submitting your application.
  • For more specific information on the position, inquire at the personnel office for job announcement #555.
  • Duties will include the following:<br /> - maintaining files on all accounts<br /> - entering new accounts<br /> - mailing statements<br /> - responding to customer concerns<br /> - scheduling work for other office personnel<br /> - mailing payroll checks by specific days


  • all aspects of running a busy
  • as well as general office duties
  • call our employment hotline at
  • duties include (but are not limited to)
  • employee will assist
  • for more specific information on the position
  • individual we seek will be responsible for
  • involves local and occasional long-distance travel
  • job includes design and development of
  • job description is available from
  • must be a self-starter
  • must be able to lift
  • need to be able to work on a team
  • please review the job description carefully
  • providing customer support
  • residential and commercial
  • responsibilities will include
  • supervise a team of
  • take responsibility for
  • will work with heavy equipment
  • will be working the early shift
  • will provide customers with
  • work from sketches and blueprints

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