Announce a Routine Meeting | Letter-Writing Guide


This letter or memorandum informs participants of the date, time, and place of an expected meeting, and indicates what the agenda will be.


1. Identify the meeting, and communicate the essential information: day, date, time, and location.

  • We will hold our monthly advisory council meeting Thursday, May 15, from 2:00 to 3:30 in the conference room.
  • It's time again for our coordination meeting. We will meet Friday, May 16, at noon. Feel free to bring a lunch.
  • We will hold the weekly planning meeting in John's office at the usual time on Friday.
  • We have postponed our mentoring meeting until next Wednesday, May 17, when we will convene in the cafeteria at 5:00 p.m.
  • We will hold our department meeting this month on Friday, May 18, at 4:00 p.m.
  • bring along a brown bag lunch
  • don't miss our next meeting on
  • don't miss this informative session
  • early this month, on
  • has been postponed until
  • has been scheduled for
  • it's time again for our
  • light refreshments will be served
  • lunch will be provided
  • mark your calendars
  • one hour later than usual
  • our next meeting is scheduled for
  • our follow-up meeting will
  • plan to attend
  • planning meeting will be
  • please note the change in venue
  • the monthly meeting of the
  • will convene in the
  • will hold a staff meeting on
  • will meet on

2. Provide a list of items to be discussed (an agenda), either on the same page or attached. If the number of items does not deserve a list, mention them in the text.

  • Time permitting, we need to discuss the following:
    - last month's audits
    - alumni responses
    - conference travel plans
    - new equipment purchases
    - job applicants
    - spring retreat
  • We will devote this meeting to conference planning and new equipment purchases.
  • Please come prepared to discuss our recent job applicants. You may review their resumes in the personnel office.
  • This will be an open meeting, so this is your opportunity to set the agenda.
  • We will be going over the sales reports for the last quarter.
  • a round-table discussion
  • am looking forward to
  • any questions or concerns
  • free exchange of ideas
  • goals and objectives
  • if you want to add anything to the agenda
  • if you are unable to attend
  • in recognition of your commitment to
  • light refreshments will be served
  • mark your calendar
  • need to discuss
  • needs or recommendations
  • opportunity to discuss
  • our objective is to agree on
  • plan to attend
  • please come prepared to
  • please let me know if
  • please bring the following to the
  • preliminary agenda is enclosed
  • send a representative from your department
  • the attached agenda
  • to discuss any concerns you might have
  • will go over the
  • will devote this meeting to
  • will review the
  • will explain the proposed
  • your input is valuable

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