Announce a Budget Surplus | Letter-Writing Guide


This announcement is good news, but you must write it carefully to clearly communicate, as needed, amounts involved, appropriate uses of funds, and procedures for accessing and using the funds.


1. Inform the reader that a surplus exists, and explain how the funds may and may not be used.

  • Thanks to the careful scheduling of our business travel, we are ending the year with a modest surplus that may be used for travel expenses only.
  • We are fortunate to have excess monies in our capital equipment account. These monies may be used for purchases of larger items such as computers, copy machines, fax machines and the like. Routine office supplies must be purchased from the Supplies account.
  • We have a budget surplus that can be used in your department.
  • Your diligent efforts have helped us stay well within budget this year; in fact, we have a surplus that you may use at your discretion.
  • We overestimated the cost of advertising this year, so we have an excess of $30,000 that we would like you to use to improve the work environment.
  • are fortunate to have
  • are ending the year with
  • authorize additional spending
  • can be used in any way except
  • diligent efforts have
  • expect to see an excess of
  • have a budget excess that
  • have a modest excess
  • have an excess of
  • have extra money in our
  • have stayed well within budget
  • like you to use this to
  • may be used only for
  • may be used for
  • may submit proposals for
  • may use at your discretion
  • overestimated the cost of
  • thanks to careful
  • that you may use for
  • that can be used for
  • have projected a
  • within the following guidelines

2. If necessary, explain the period of time during which the funds must be used.

  • These funds must be expended by December 31.
  • Unused funds will carry over to next year's budget, so we have ample time to allocate the money wisely.
  • In order to take advantage of this rare opportunity, you will have to submit your request before July 15. I know time is limited, but this deadline is still a reachable goal.
  • These funds must be spent before the next budget cycle, which begins January 1.
  • Our Springfield office has requested additional funds, and we have promised to give them whatever we do not use by August 31.
  • act as quickly as possible
  • allocate the money wisely
  • an unusual situation
  • deadline for requests is
  • does not allow much time
  • will transfer funds to
  • has requested additional funds
  • in order to take advantage of this
  • make careful assessment of needs
  • may be a good time to
  • must be spent before
  • need to use it by
  • need to act before
  • submit your request by
  • the next budget cycle
  • there is no hurry
  • this rare opportunity
  • to evaluate your department's needs
  • will lose any money not assigned by
  • will lose these funds unless
  • will carry over to

3. Encourage wise use of the funds, or suggest ways in which the funds may be used.

  • If you are planning travel in the new year, I suggest that you buy the tickets as soon as possible. This would ease the burden on our travel budget for next year, too.
  • Evaluate any problems you may have had with equipment this past year, and let me know if this is a good time to consider replacement purchases.
  • If you need help in upgrading equipment, please send your request and justification for additional funds to my office. We will evaluate all requests and let you know our decision.
  • Since we cannot predict when additional funds will become available, perhaps it is time to consider buying the new computers that you have talked about.
  • I suggest you consider using this windfall money to raise the salaries of part-time personnel. It would be appropriate to discuss the matter with John Doe.
  • appropriate to discuss the matter with
  • consider replacement of
  • considering some of the problems with
  • discuss this with
  • good time to look at capital needs
  • handle the details through
  • if you need help in
  • if you are planning any
  • may be a good time to
  • may wish to make advance purchases of
  • merits careful consideration
  • might consider using this windfall to
  • might be a suitable use of the money
  • move purchases forward a few months
  • opportunity to upgrade
  • please send in requests and justifications
  • request for additional funds
  • unusual opportunity to
  • very unusual situation
  • will evaluate all requests
  • would ease the burden on next year's budget

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