Announce a Holiday Work Schedule | Letter-Writing Guide


Since employees need to get this information without extensive reading, it is best to present it either in a diagram or in a list.


1. Choose the best way to present the information so employees can understand it without reading a lot of text.

  • We will follow the schedule below for the holiday season. An X indicates a work day. Please mark your calendars (For this example, create a row of holiday dates, a column of employee names, and mark an X in the cell when the employee should work).
  • Monday: John Doe, Jane Doe
    Tuesday: John Doe, Robert Jones
    Wednesday: Eric Doe, Jane Doe, Robert Jones
    Thursday: Robert Jones, Jane Doe
    Friday: Jane Doe
  • The following will be paid holidays for all employees this year:
  • New Year's day January 1
    Martin Luther King's Birthday January 16
    Presidents' Day February 20
    Memorial Day May 29
    Fourth of July July 4
    Labor Day September 4
    Columbus Day October 9
    Thanksgiving November 23
    Day after Thanksgiving November 24
    Christmas Eve December 24
    Christmas Day December 25
  • be sure to
  • following will be paid holidays
  • holiday work schedule
  • make a note of the following dates
  • mark your calendars
  • please check the schedule to
  • schedule of paid holidays
  • will follow the schedule below

2. Add any additional comments deemed appropriate or needful.

  • Any changes to this schedule must be coordinated with John Doe.
  • We feel that this schedule should give us adequate coverage during the holidays.
  • If you are unable to meet this schedule, you are responsible to find your own replacement.
  • In addition, each employee is eligible for two personal holidays to be taken at his or her discretion. These days are in addition to regular vacation time, but you must take them in this calendar year.
  • We are fortunate to have a liberal holiday and vacation policy.
  • In some cases it is possible to work on a holiday at time-and-a-half, and take off another day. If you would like to arrange your time off that way, please coordinate it with your supervisor.
  • cannot compensate for absenteeism
  • coordinate changes with
  • each work as few holidays as possible
  • final schedule will be posted
  • made the schedule as fair as possible
  • may work on an extra holiday in exchange for
  • may volunteer to work extra holidays
  • minimal staffing on holidays
  • must be arranged well in advance
  • not yet determined
  • paid time-and-a-half on holidays
  • possible to exchange holiday time for
  • preliminary schedule subject to adjustment
  • rely on you to be on the job on
  • responsible for finding a replacement
  • should give us adequate coverage
  • unable to meet this schedule
  • will make adjustments wherever possible
  • wish to make a change, please speak to

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