Announce or Introduce a New Salesperson — Letter-Writing Tutorial


This letter informs a customer that your business contact with him or her is going to be someone new. The letter gives useful information and lets the customer feel valued.


1. Inform your customer that a new salesperson is joining your business and will be the new contact person.


  • We are very pleased to announce that Jane Doe is joining our sales team and will be serving your area. We feel very fortunate to have someone with her experience take over these responsibilities.
  • I am particularly happy to inform you that Mary Johnson, formerly of Doe Realty, is the newest member of our sales team. Mary brings with her a new dimension of understanding that will help us all.
  • We feel very fortunate to have John Doe join our sales force in office supplies. We have needed someone with his experience.
  • We are proud to announce that John Doe is going to be a member of our sales staff. John brings a wealth of experience, having worked both in research and development, and in quality control.


  • are pleased to announce that
  • are very pleased to introduce
  • feel very fortunate to
  • find her to be both knowledgeable and capable
  • happy to inform you
  • has an excellent background in
  • has left us, but
  • has much to contribute to
  • highly qualified to serve your needs
  • his valuable experience
  • joining our sales team
  • member of our sales staff
  • newest member of our sales team
  • our newest asset
  • pleased to have her on our staff
  • pleased with her expertise
  • someone with his experience
  • to assure a smooth transition
  • to announce the appointment of
  • wealth of experience in
  • will service your account
  • will be your new account manager
  • will be serving your area
  • will be replacing

2. Explain why the new salesperson will be of value to the customer. Customize your comments to fit the wants and needs of the customer.


  • She has worked in both manufacturing and sales, so she understands and can anticipate your needs.
  • Ms. Johnson has extensive experience in commercial real estate, so she will be the ideal person to serve you in these next months of development.
  • Ms. Johnson has worked for several years in the area, and recently graduated from Doe College. She is eager to combine her years of experience with her current knowledge for your benefit. She will be calling on your office soon. I think you will enjoy working with her.
  • Mr. Doe has taught desktop publishing and office procedures at the local community college for five years. We have known of his expertise for many months and are delighted that he has consented to join us.
  • Much of Ms. Doe's experience has been in the dairy business, so she understands your needs and concerns.


  • along with practical experience in
  • brings a special dimension to
  • delighted that he has agreed to join us
  • designs systems to fit your requirements
  • eager to work with you
  • has a special interest in
  • has considerable expertise in
  • has worked in both manufacturing and sales
  • has extensive experience in
  • has worked in this area since
  • impressive background in
  • increase the efficiency and profitability of your
  • much of her experience has been in
  • provide lab services and consulting
  • recently graduated from
  • successful on both sides of the desk
  • understands your needs and concerns
  • wealth of technical knowledge
  • will be the ideal person to serve you
  • will enjoy working with him

3. Tell the customer that you will personally introduce the new salesperson, if practical.


  • I will personally accompany her to the meeting next week. I think you will enjoy working with her.
  • My partner, Robert Johnson, will see that you are properly introduced. He will be able to answer any questions regarding this new association.
  • We will call for an appointment for you to get acquainted with her. She is already a fan of your cosmetics.
  • I will accompany him on his initial visits. He is eager to get acquainted and to serve your needs.
  • John will call on you within the week. If the distance were not so great, I would accompany him on this first visit, but I am sure you will find him competent and congenial. Don't hesitate to call if you have questions or concerns.


  • accompany her on her initial visit
  • answer any questions you may have
  • arrange an appointment with you to
  • assure a smooth transition
  • call on you within the
  • come by to introduce herself on
  • don't hesitate to call if
  • find her competent and congenial
  • if you have any questions or concerns
  • introduce her to you on
  • look forward to introducing him in person
  • on our next sales call
  • stop by within the next
  • to get acquainted
  • will attend next week's meeting with him
  • will be working with her for the next
  • will accompany her to
  • will enjoy working with him
  • will be calling for an appointment to
  • will contact you within the next

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