Announce a Sales Contest — Letter-Writing Tutorial


This announcement is generally in the form of a memo, and should carry the tone of a sales pitch. It can help increase business and employee morale, especially if there can be more than one winner.


1. Announce the contest with a brief description of what the sales personnel must do, and what they can win.


  • Sign up 20 new subscribers for a year and win a mountain bike!
  • Sell $30,000 in tire products by May 30, and win a trip for two to Hawaii!
  • Raise your group's sales to level three and win a Cadillac for your personal use for the year!
  • Land five new accounts by Christmas and win a ski vacation for two in the Rockies!
  • Win two tickets to the playoff game by selling 50 units this week.
  • The High Achiever contest begins on May 1. Develop three new<br />accounts and win a prize of $150.


  • all you need to do is
  • by selling more than
  • for your entire group
  • for your personal use
  • how would you like to win a
  • land five new accounts this month
  • now is the time when extra effort
  • quarterly sales contest
  • raise your group's sales to
  • reach 120% of your quota this quarter
  • salesperson of the year
  • sell $20,000 or more in products this
  • sign up twenty new subscribers by
  • the winner will automatically be eligible for
  • win an all-expense-paid vacation for two to
  • win two tickets to
  • win a trip for two to
  • win an exciting getaway vacation for two
  • win yourself a two-day stay at
  • your special touch can really pay off

2. Explain the contest rules, including restrictions, and make the deadline clear.


  • Anyone who meets the goal between now and July 1 will win.
  • The contest begins today and ends on Friday, July 30. Winners will be announced at the summer picnic on August 5.
  • Only salespersons are eligible to win. Managers and supervisors will have their own opportunities in the next round.
  • This offer is available only to new salespersons who have joined the company since January 1 of this year. Winners will be notified by mail and announced in our weekly bulletin.
  • All sales must be on new accounts. Renewal accounts, even though there has been a time lapse, do not qualify.
  • All sales must be verifiable with receipts in the main office before August 1, when the contest ends.
  • Contest rules are as follows:<br />All sales must be complete and payment received by July 31.<br />All sales must be new accounts.<br/>Managers and their families are ineligible.


  • all sales must be on new accounts
  • all salespersons are eligible to win
  • contest rules are as follows
  • contest begins today
  • contest is open only to
  • each new account must place an order of at least
  • everyone who meets the goal
  • five products will count in the first quarter contest
  • just meet or break quota
  • must be verifiable with receipts
  • must receive payment before
  • prospects you are currently working are okay
  • quarterly sales contest
  • sale must have been completed by
  • sales contest involving our new line of
  • temporarily providing price breaks on
  • the rules are simple
  • want to broaden our customer base
  • will end on
  • winners will be announced on

3. Add details about the prizes and encourage participation.


  • Winners will stay in the Doe Hotel and will also receive $500 cash. Start your campaign today!
  • Prizes may be taken in merchandise or in cash, so either way you're a winner. Indicate your intention to participate in this annual event by signing up with your supervisor today!
  • In addition to the new car, you will be eligible for additional prizes to complement your wardrobe. The Doe fashion houses are joining us in this effort.
  • As part of our effort to serve the community, we will contribute a percentage of each sale to the winner's favorite charity.
  • Get on the phone and be one of those who will spend three days and two nights at the Doe Marina Hotel. All meals and a cruise around the island will be included for qualifying winners.


  • a few new sales will entitle you to
  • be one of the winners
  • can earn you a substantial cash reward
  • eligible for additional prizes
  • every one of you is a likely candidate
  • everyone can be a big winner
  • go get those new accounts
  • know you are as excited as I am about
  • if you have any questions, call me at
  • in this contest you can't lose
  • lucky winners will fly to
  • make your prize a sure thing
  • prizes may be taken in merchandise or cash
  • sign up with your supervisor
  • start your campaign today
  • this is a great contest
  • will be flown at company expense to
  • will receive $500
  • win your way to a well-deserved vacation
  • winners will stay in the
  • will win a

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