Announce Your Own Retirement | Letter-Writing Guide


Generally your employer will announce your retirement, but you may wish to make an independent announcement to welcome your successor, express appreciation, and let friends know what you plan to do.


1. Explain when you will retire and what your immediate plans will include.

  • The time has come to move on to other things. Yes, I am retiring at the end of August. After a short vacation, Jane and I have plans to move to Florida.
  • After 20 enjoyable years of serving the dental needs of the community, as well as taking care of many of you, it is with mixed emotions that I announce my retirement from dentistry. Although I will not be accepting patients any longer, I will still be teaching at the University.
  • After so many years of traveling, I have decided to stay put for a while and enjoy some fishing. In other words, I am retiring while I can still outsmart the fish.
  • As you know, I have experienced a few health problems during the past year, so I have decided to take an early retirement. Dr. Doe feels I can recover completely if I slow down and get away from the chemicals that seem to be causing me problems.
  • It is with some regret, yet anticipation, that I announce my retirement, effective September 30. I will miss the warm associations I have made here in Springfield, but I look forward to helping our sons develop their new franchise in Centerville.
  • advised to retire
  • after many enjoyable years of
  • after so many years of
  • announce my retirement from
  • as you know
  • have decided to
  • have chosen to retire
  • have experienced a few health problems
  • intend to retire as of
  • is with mixed emotions that I
  • looking forward to
  • move on to other things
  • need to slow down a little
  • not without regret
  • plan to move to
  • take an early retirement
  • time has come for me to
  • will miss my association with
  • will continue to
  • will be retiring on
  • with regret

2. If you know who your successor will be, make a positive comment on that person's qualifications.

  • John Doe will assume my management responsibilities. He and I have worked together for the past year. I am confident that he is ready to take my place and manage the company with even greater success.
  • I am happy to announce that Dr. Robert Johnson, a recent honors graduate from the Doe School of Dentistry, will be taking over my family practice. He recently finished his specialization in children's dentistry and is highly qualified.
  • Jane Doe will be taking over my accounts. Jane is very competent and will keep things moving well. It's good to leave things in such capable hands.
  • The company is considering an excellent chemist to fill my position. I expect an announcement in the next few days.
  • I am very pleased that Robert has been chosen as my successor. He brings a new dimension to the task that will bring a new vision to the company. I wish you all good health and much success.
  • am confident that he will
  • chosen as my successor
  • company is considering
  • competent and dedicated
  • expect an announcement shortly
  • happy to announce that
  • has a wealth of experience in
  • has been my associate for
  • have worked closely with
  • have worked together
  • in capable hands
  • is board certified
  • is highly qualified
  • leave you in good hands
  • specializes in
  • will be taking over my
  • will take my place
  • will take over my
  • will assume my
  • will keep things moving

3. Close by expressing your personal feelings of gratitude for friends and associations.

  • John and I will leave Springfield with many fond memories of good times with great friends. We plan to stay in touch and even attend the annual summer picnic. See you there.
  • I can't begin to say how much your friendship has meant to our family. One couldn't ask for a better colleague.
  • I will miss the camaraderie, especially the Friday afternoon coffee breaks. You have all been wonderful friends. It was my good fortune to have worked with you. Best wishes!
  • The support and loyalty of our staff will accompany me as warm memories of my work at Doe Associates. My sincere thanks to all of you.
  • As you know, I am not a person of many words, but I can't leave without telling you how much I appreciate all of you. Even in difficult times, I knew I could count on your support. Please accept my heartfelt thanks. Keep up the great work!
  • accept my heartfelt thanks
  • best wishes for the future
  • can't leave without telling you
  • can't begin to say
  • could always count on your
  • couldn't ask for better
  • feel lucky to have worked with
  • have all been wonderful friends
  • have enjoyed my time at
  • have become some of my closest friends
  • how much your friendship has meant
  • how much we appreciate
  • keep up the good work
  • many fond memories
  • mixed feelings about leaving
  • plan to stay in touch
  • sincere thanks to you for
  • the respect I have felt for
  • warm memories of my co-workers at Doe Associates
  • will miss the camaraderie
  • wonderful memories of

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