Announce an Engagement In a Personal Letter | Letter-Writing Guide


This letter is warm and very informal, and shares your personal feelings about the event. Although you may give some specific information such as dates and times, do it in a conversational tone. See also "Announce an engagement with an invitation," and "Announce an engagement in a newspaper."


1. Make the announcement, along with any personal comments that your friends or family may associate with your particular case.

  • Well, it finally happened, even though Mom and Dad were beginning to lose hope. That's right, I'm engaged!
  • A funny thing happened on the way to graduate school. I got engaged!
  • I didn't think I would be writing a letter like this for a long time, but here it is. I'm excited to tell everyone that John and I are engaged to be married in June.
  • Believe it or not, I am actually going to get married. At 11:45 last night we were officially engaged. I know that this comes as news to all of you, but Jane and I have been seeing each other for several months since we both left home for college.
  • Miracles never cease! Just when most of my family had given up on me, Jane came into my life. What a difference she has made! We have decided to make it official, so we hereby announce our engagement. We plan to be married on June 15.
  • actually going to get married
  • am engaged
  • am excited to tell everyone that
  • are engaged to be married next
  • are now officially engaged
  • before we make a formal announcement
  • believe it or not
  • comes as a surprise
  • decided to make it official
  • guaranteed to surprise you
  • have an announcement to make
  • have decided to get married
  • most of the family had given up on
  • plan to be married
  • probably comes as no surprise
  • sit down before you read this
  • surprised me with a ring
  • took our time about making up our minds
  • want to share the good news
  • want to let you know
  • want you to know the good news
  • wanted you to be among the first to know
  • have finally named the day

2. Share any events or details that led to the engagement.

  • Although we had been good friends for a long time, it wasn't until we were away at the university that we realized how much we wanted to be together. One date led to another, and by Christmas we were making plans.
  • You won't believe this, but we met on a blind date. You know I never go on blind dates, but I relented one Saturday night, and now I am a great advocate of them. Jane is terrific! I hope you can meet her soon.
  • You might say my "knight in shining armor" came on the scene. Actually, John rode his horse into our picnic area and made quite a scene. We had a delightful talk, and things just seemed to click. We have been dating steadily since that day.
  • Jane and I had a chemistry lab together last semester. I guess all those hours of working together created a little chemistry of its own. We hope to put the whole mixture together with a wedding this summer.
  • When my brother, Eric, returned from Norway, he brought a friend by the name of Robert with him. In spite of Eric's big brother tendencies, he thought it was okay for Robert to take me out. It didn't take long before we realized this was going to be more than a passing friendship. We are making plans for a June wedding.
  • all those hours of working together
  • both love to
  • can sit and talk for hours
  • first met at
  • good friends for a long time
  • have been dating steadily since
  • have been seeing each other steadily
  • hope you can meet her soon
  • it seemed like fate
  • knight in shining armor
  • looking forward to your meeting her
  • love at first sight
  • met while I was dating his friend
  • met on a blind date
  • more than just a passing friendship
  • one date led to another
  • share a common interest in
  • started making plans
  • things just seemed to click
  • want to be together

3. Explain relevant dates or events that you would like the reader to remember.

  • We hope you will be able to join us on the evening of June 15 when we will be married in the Springfield Church. This is the same place where Mom and Dad were married 30 years ago.
  • Beth insists that I tell you to mark your calendar for June 5, when she will be hosting a bridal shower. Her invitations will follow.
  • Invitations to the wedding will be forthcoming, but we wanted to let you know early, so you could plan better. We hope you will be able to join us for the wedding on June 15, and the reception afterwards.
  • John's parents are flying in from Madrid to spend the month of July with his sister. The timing is great, because we are planning a July wedding. Then we will be off to new jobs in Kansas.
  • Since Eric will finish his MA degree in August and enter the Air Force in October, we feel that a September wedding would work best. Springfield is very pleasant at that time of year, and we plan to have an outdoor wedding at the Doe gazebo.
  • Please circle June 15 on your calendar for the wedding! We hope you will be able to join us.
  • a formal invitation will be
  • a formal wedding
  • after she graduates from
  • and the reception afterwards
  • as soon as we have set the date
  • have an outdoor wedding at
  • have not set an exact date yet
  • hope you will be able to join us
  • just beginning to make arrangements
  • know I can count on you to
  • look forward to seeing you
  • make your plane reservations
  • mark your calendar
  • planning to be married in
  • please plan to come stay awhile before
  • please circle December 15 on your calendar
  • timing couldn't be better, as
  • wanted to let you know early
  • are planning on
  • will be moving to
  • will be hosting a
  • will be married on the

4. Close with a personal comment about your new status.

  • I'm having a hard time concentrating on school work, but I guess that's natural. Fortunately, I don't have a heavy workload this semester.
  • My family seems to love John as much as I do. When we visit, he already seems to be one of the family.
  • I know Mom has been wondering whether this day would ever come. I'm very happy that my brother and Jane have hit it off so well. They share a lot of the same academic interests in the Middle East.
  • I'm finding all the wedding plans a little unnerving, but John has been very patient and understanding.
  • I know that Mom feels that I am too young to get married, but I have to remind her that she was six months younger than I am now when she married Dad. Funny how perspectives change.
  • agreed to a six-month engagement
  • already one of the family
  • am sure that we'll be very happy
  • bought me a beautiful ring
  • Dad really seems to like him
  • family seems to love
  • feels I am a little young to get married
  • finding all the plans a little unnerving
  • hard to imagine myself being married
  • have hit it off very well
  • her mother is a dear
  • like a dream come true
  • like a storybook romance
  • love him very much
  • my parents are thrilled
  • right now it's hard to concentrate on
  • tend to be a worrier
  • will write our own vows
  • wish that we could simply elope
  • wondering whether this day will ever come
  • you will love her as much as I do

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