Announce a Change of Address — Letter-Writing Tutorial


Post offices provide change-of-address cards, but you may wish to write a letter if the notice contains confidential information. You may also use this letter to cancel services.


1. Announce your plans to move, including the date, your new address and, if necessary, your present address.


  • I have accepted a job offer in Springfield, Kansas, and my family and I will be moving to our new home on July 8. My present address is<br />648 Maple Lane<br />Centerville, KS 12346<br />and the new address will be<br />1600 Main Street<br />Springfield, KS 12345
  • On July 8, I will move to a new address at<br />648 Maple Lane<br />Centerville, KS 12346
  • After living in Centerville for fifteen years, I have made the difficult decision to move closer to Springfield on July 8. My new address is as follows:<br />648 Maple Lane<br />Centerville, Kansas 12346
  • This is to advise you that I will change my present mailing address on July 8 to<br />648 Maple Lane<br />Centerville, Kansas 12346
  • Please make the necessary changes in your records to reflect my change of address from<br />1600 Main Street<br />Springfield, KS 12345<br />to<br />648 Maple Lane<br />Centerville, Kansas 12346
  • I am leaving Centerville on July 8 and will then reside at the following address in Springfield:<br />1600 Main Street<br />Springfield, KS 12345


  • is as follows
  • new address will be
  • please adjust your records
  • please make a note of
  • present address is
  • will be leaving
  • will be residing at
  • will take up residence at
  • will move to a new address
  • will be moving on
  • will be relocating to
  • wish to advise you that

2. If you wish to cancel an account or service due to the move, specifically state your desire.


  • I have appreciated your exceptional service over the past few years, but I must cancel my account due to our move. Please make a note of it in your records.
  • I wish to cancel my contract because your services do not extend to the Springfield area. Please adjust your records accordingly.
  • Because your company does not deliver in Springfield, I must cancel my contract, effective July 8.
  • Although I have enjoyed our business relationship, I must cancel my account because of the move.
  • Thank you for providing us with such wonderful services. Unfortunately, we find that we must cancel our account because of our long-distance move.
  • Please cancel my account at that time.


  • am paid up to
  • because of the move
  • due to this move
  • find it necessary to
  • have appreciated your service
  • have enclosed a
  • have enjoyed our relationship
  • is, of course, no reflection on
  • must cancel my contract
  • out of your service area
  • please make a note of
  • please take note that
  • please adjust your records
  • please cancel my
  • send my final bill to the new address
  • thank you for
  • to take effect
  • to cancel our arrangement
  • to terminate our agreement
  • will no longer need

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