Cancel or Postpone an Appointment — Letter-Writing Tutorial


When canceling or postponing an appointment, be polite and concise. There is usually no need for a lengthy explanation.


1. Tell the reader why you must cancel or postpone the appointment. Be sure to identify the particular appointment by date, time, and place.


  • I regret having to cancel our appointment for next Tuesday, but my daughter is scheduled for surgery that day.
  • I am afraid I must postpone our April 24 meeting at the Hotel Doe. I have been asked to clear my schedule that day for an urgent meeting.
  • Unfortunately, I cannot keep our September 6 appointment. I have been reassigned and my new project will take me out of the country for that week.
  • We must reschedule the May 17 board meeting. We were unaware of the regional conference on that day.
  • I appreciate your dinner invitation for February 9, but I will have to take a rain check on it. I had forgotten that I will be out of town on business.
  • I regret that will not be ready to meet with you on June 3, as we planned.


  • am sorry to say that
  • am obliged to cancel
  • an unexpected complication has arisen
  • as we had planned
  • because of unforeseen difficulties
  • didn't realize that
  • find it necessary to
  • have been asked to
  • have to cancel our
  • necessitates a delay
  • need to postpone
  • on that day
  • regret that I will be unable to
  • regret having to cancel
  • suggest that we postpone our
  • unavailable at that time
  • unfortunately slipped my mind
  • was unaware that
  • will have to reschedule
  • will take me out of the country
  • will not be in a position to
  • will be unable to
  • will prevent me from
  • will not be ready to
  • will be out of town
  • will have to take a rain check
  • won't be able to keep
  • would hate to waste your time
  • would it be possible to postpone

2. If you wish to reschedule, propose a new time and/or place, or invite the reader to get in touch with you.


  • I will be in town in November and will call to schedule another appointment.
  • If convenient for you, I could reschedule our appointment for the same place on November 21, at 3:00 p.m.
  • I would still like to meet with you. Please call me so we can set up a new time.
  • Would it be okay to meet the next day at the same time and place?
  • When I have a better idea about the status of the project, I will call you to reschedule the presentation. You can expect my call within two weeks.
  • Please get in touch with me at the end of July to reschedule our meeting.


  • arrange another meeting after
  • call next week and reschedule
  • can we change the time to
  • contact me again next
  • could reschedule for
  • could you give me a call
  • give me a call
  • if convenient for you
  • if you would still like to
  • if it is possible for you
  • let me know if
  • let's plan for later that same week
  • please get in touch with me
  • please note that
  • please mark your calendars
  • same time and place a week later
  • see if we can work out
  • set up another appointment
  • set up a new time
  • should be back by
  • unable to meet with you until
  • when I have further information
  • when the situation changes
  • will get back to you
  • will call you when I
  • would you be so kind as to
  • would it be okay to
  • would be happy to reschedule
  • would Monday work for you
  • would still like to meet with you
  • would it be convenient for you to meet me on

3. Close on a positive note.


  • I look forward to meeting with you.
  • We look forward to meeting you and learning more about your proposed project.
  • I am very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you, and I look forward to hearing from you.
  • I apologize for the short notice, and hope we can get together soon.
  • Again, we apologize for this change of plans, and look forward to hearing from you.


  • am still interested in
  • appreciate your cooperation
  • do apologize for
  • for this inconvenience
  • for your understanding
  • for your patience
  • for this change of plans
  • for the inconvenience
  • hope you will forgive me for
  • look forward to
  • meet at your convenience
  • sorry about the change in plans
  • thank you for
  • to seeing you soon
  • to meeting with you
  • to hearing from you
  • to learning more about
  • to establishing a
  • value the opportunity to
  • will do my best to

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