Schedule an Appointment to Interview a Potential Employee — Letter-Writing Tutorial


Get straight to the point. There is no need to go into details about the interview, unless the details are absolutely critical and the interviewer or interviewee needs to make special preparations for the appointment.


1. Invite the potential employee to an interview, giving the time, date and place. Be willing to adjust the interview schedule.


  • We appreciate your interest in Doe Enterprises and would like to meet with you on April 7, at the Springfield Hotel, at 11:30 a.m., to discuss your application for a position in warehouse security.
  • We have received your application and would like to meet with you to discuss our needs in more detail. Can you meet with us on July 16, at 12:00 p.m., at our office in Springfield?
  • I would like to meet with you in my office at 10:00 a.m. next Tuesday. If you cannot meet me at this time, please call my secretary and schedule the interview for a better time.
  • After reviewing your application for employment, we have decided that we would like to meet with you to discuss the possibility of your joining our firm. Can you meet with us on December 23, at 3:30 p.m., at our branch office in Springfield?
  • We invite you to join us Friday, November 15, at 1:00 p.m., to discuss your application for a position with the Doe Group. Please inform my secretary if you are unable to come at that time, so that we can reschedule your interview.
  • Thank you for your interest in a position with Doe Realty. We have scheduled an interview for you on Tuesday, November 15, at 12:00 p.m. If you are unable to come at that time, please inform my secretary, Jane Doe.


  • after reviewing your application for employment
  • as soon as possible
  • can you be in my office on
  • could you meet with me at
  • have tentatively scheduled your interview for
  • if you cannot meet at this time
  • if this is inconvenient for you
  • if you are unable to
  • if you are interested in pursuing
  • let me know if
  • look forward to
  • please call to schedule a convenient time
  • please call my secretary to
  • please call to confirm
  • please let me know
  • to schedule our interview
  • to discussing the position with you
  • to meeting you
  • would like to meet with you
  • would like to interview you
  • would like to schedule an interview

2. Provide the reader with any information he or she may need to prepare for the interview.


  • Please bring your portfolio. We would also like you to prepare a sample magazine ad for our products.
  • Please be prepared to discuss last quarter's figures and what you think you can do to improve our team's output next quarter.
  • Please be prepared to discuss how your earlier work has prepared you for this position.
  • We would like to discuss our research agenda.
  • It would be helpful if you were to bring a few samples of your best work.
  • After the formal interview we would like you to speak to our research group about your recent work.
  • It is customary as part of our interviewing process to have a question and answer session with the hiring committee.


  • a portfolio of your work
  • a tour of our
  • be sure to bring
  • be prepared to
  • be ready to
  • bring along your
  • bring with you
  • can expect to
  • could you be ready to
  • enclosed is a brochure about
  • in preparation for our interview
  • no need to bring
  • plan to be here for
  • please come a few minutes early
  • review of your qualifications
  • the interview will last approximately one hour
  • to discuss your
  • to ask you about
  • to see several examples of your work
  • to hear about
  • to discuss your expectations
  • to answer questions about
  • will ask you several questions about
  • will be expected to
  • will be discussing
  • will also be present
  • will expect you to
  • will be expected to
  • would also like to meet with you
  • would like to see your portfolio
  • would like to

3. Close on a positive note.


  • We look forward to meeting with you.
  • Please confirm this appointment with Ms. Doe, our department secretary. We hope to hear from you soon.
  • I look forward to getting better acquainted with you.
  • Please call if you have preliminary questions.
  • We look forward to meeting you and learning more about your proposal.


  • a more convenient time
  • am looking forward to
  • call me to
  • call my secretary to
  • if you have any questions
  • if this date is not acceptable
  • let me know
  • look forward to
  • please let me know
  • please confirm this appointment with
  • to getting better acquainted
  • to meeting you
  • to our interview
  • to hearing from you
  • unless I hear from you otherwise
  • will see you on

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