Thank Someone For Helping In Your Absence — Letter-Writing Tutorial


A brief letter thanking someone for service in your absence is a courteous way of showing appreciation and maintaining goodwill.


1. State your appreciation.


  • Thanks for covering for me while I was in Springfield.
  • Thanks for going the extra mile while I was away this past week.
  • I am told you were the good-hearted soul who kept my desk from overflowing during my sick leave.
  • I appreciate your capable management of the office while I was away.
  • Thanks for so adequately filling my shoes while I was on maternity leave.
  • It was reassuring to know that the office was in your capable hands when I was in the hospital.


  • am most appreciative
  • am told you were the good-hearted soul who
  • appreciate your efforts
  • appreciate your willingness to
  • during my absence
  • during my illness
  • for all you have done
  • for covering for me
  • for holding the fort
  • going the extra mile
  • have brought peace and reassurance
  • how much I appreciate
  • how helpful you have been
  • just want to say
  • on my behalf
  • please accept my heartfelt gratitude
  • so grateful for
  • thank you so much for
  • thank you for
  • want you to know
  • was so pleased
  • while I have been away
  • will not forget
  • would like to acknowledge

2. Compliment your reader on his or her performance.


  • I have received many positive comments from our clients concerning your willingness to handle their problems in my absence.
  • Your willingness to work overtime and your consistent efficiency have been invaluable in handling the extra workload.
  • Instead of the chaos I expected on my return, I was able to start with an organized desk.
  • I was so pleased to learn that despite my absence you did not miss a single deadline.
  • If it hadn't been for your persistence and expertise, we never would have landed the Doe account.
  • Knowing that my work was left in your capable hands has made my recovery worry-free.


  • couldn't have handled it better
  • despite my absence
  • did things just the way I would have
  • did a great job
  • for your persistence and expertise
  • found everything in good order
  • go out on a limb
  • have been invaluable
  • how very helpful you have been
  • if it hadn't been for your
  • in your capable hands
  • kept my desk from overflowing
  • kept things ticking along
  • kept up with the work load
  • received many compliments
  • received a lot of positive feedback
  • received positive comments about
  • want you to know
  • was so pleased to learn that
  • were right on target
  • willingness to go the extra mile
  • with your usual efficiency

3. Close on a positive note. Perhaps offer to repay the favor.


  • Thank you for helping me keep our client's goodwill. Let me know if I can ever return the favor.
  • In the future, should any other emergencies arise, I will have no reservations about leaving things entirely in your capable hands.
  • You handled everything as I would have done myself. Please accept my sincere gratitude.
  • I know who to call if I need a replacement again.
  • Thanks for your "can do" attitude. Without having to worry about office developments, my recovery was quick and stress-free.
  • It would be happy to return the favor.


  • a chance to return the favor
  • accept my sincere gratitude
  • for covering for me
  • for doing such a great job
  • happy to reciprocate
  • if I need a replacement again
  • if I can ever return the favor
  • in the future
  • just the way I would have
  • let me know if I can
  • please call on me if
  • please accept my thanks
  • please feel free to
  • should other emergencies arise
  • thank you for
  • thanks again for
  • to call on me
  • will not forget
  • will have no reservations about
  • will certainly call if I need
  • would like to
  • would be glad to

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