Approve Attendance at a Conference or Seminar | Letter-Writing Guide


This letter is brief and to the point. Because it contains news which will generally be well received, there is no need for lengthy explanations.


1. Let the reader know that his or her request has been approved. Name the conference, seminar, or training course so there will be no misunderstanding.

  • I have approved your request to attend the National Fumigators' Convention in Springfield next month.
  • Your request to go to the management seminar in Springfield, Kansas, April 10-12, has been approved.
  • I am happy to approve your request to attend the support training to be held in Springfield next week.
  • I agree that your attending the Springfield conference in September will benefit your department and am pleased to give approval for both you and John Doe to attend.
  • We were pleased to hear that you have been invited to speak at the National Firemen's Convention in Kansas next month. Your request to attend has, of course, been approved.
  • agree to your attending
  • agree that your attending will
  • am happy to approve
  • am pleased to give approval for
  • am pleased that
  • for you to attend
  • has been approved
  • has agreed to let you
  • have approved your
  • should be a worthwhile experience
  • to be held in
  • to attend training on
  • were very pleased to hear that
  • will be glad to sponsor your
  • will be very good for
  • you have been invited to
  • you are able to
  • your request to go to the
  • your attendance at
  • your request to attend

2. Add any extra information the reader may need.

  • Jane will assist you with travel and hotel reservations. Please review the limitation on meal reimbursements and the allowance for travel with your own vehicle.
  • Please speak to Jane. She will help you with reservations and travel arrangements.
  • Please make your plans through the company travel office so you can get the best fares.
  • We trust that you will be prepared to share what you have learned at our May staff meeting.
  • We ask that you plan on conducting similar training in your department after your return.
  • I am sure your entire department will benefit from your attendance.
  • We look forward to a full report when you return.
  • after your return
  • am sure you will
  • ask you to plan on
  • at our next
  • be sure to
  • conducting similar training
  • hope you learn a great deal
  • is a great opportunity to
  • on your return
  • pass on what you learn
  • please be prepared to
  • please make your reservations plans through
  • please review the travel guidelines
  • reservations and travel plans
  • sharing what you learn
  • the information you gain
  • to be assured of
  • travel allowance will be
  • trust that you will
  • when you get back
  • will help you with
  • will find it most worthwhile
  • will benefit from

3. Add good wishes, if you like.

  • I attended the meeting last year and found the training to be very helpful. I hope you will benefit from it, too.
  • I hope this will prove to be a good networking experience for you.
  • Enjoy your trip!
  • I am confident that you will find it valuable.
  • I trust you will learn a great deal and enjoy yourself.
  • Be sure to pass on what you learn to the rest of us.
  • Have a great trip!
  • I'll look forward to your report.
  • all the latest
  • be sure to pass on
  • enjoy your trip
  • found it to be very helpful
  • good networking experience
  • have a good time
  • hope you will benefit from it
  • hope this will prove to be a good experience
  • hope you will learn a great deal
  • pass on what you learn
  • sure you will find it valuable
  • the knowledge you gain will
  • those who attended the last
  • to your report
  • to your return
  • well worth your trouble
  • will expect a full report
  • will fill us in on
  • will look forward to

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