Approve a Vacation or Leave of Absence — Letter-Writing Tutorial


This letter may be formal or friendly. Lengthy explanations are not needed, but it should mention the dates of the approved leave and any special considerations that are being granted.


1. Tell the reader his or her leave request has been approved. Mention the date(s) and any other pertinent information.


  • Your request for one week's leave, starting Monday, August 15, has been approved.
  • Your leave request for the period of August 15 through August 19 has been approved.
  • Your request for a two-month leave of absence has been approved. This unpaid leave will begin on August 1 and end on September 30. Be sure to speak to Jane Doe about your medical coverage. You will need to pay the premiums if you wish to maintain coverage. She will also help with any other arrangements that need to be made.
  • We have received your request for vacation leave from July 15 to July 24, and also for September 16. The July leave is fine, but we have a site meeting for the Doe project on September 16. You will probably want to attend that meeting, so you may wish to reconsider that particular date.
  • Your request for three months' leave beginning September 8 has been approved on one condition: that you send us a photograph of the twins as soon as possible after they arrive! Please get together with John sometime this week to discuss the details, and fill out the appropriate forms.


  • a leave of absence
  • am pleased to inform you that
  • as soon as possible
  • be sure to speak to
  • because of your exemplary service record
  • before we decide on the date
  • discuss the details with
  • fill out the appropriate forms
  • happy that you have this opportunity
  • has been approved
  • have a meeting on
  • help with any other arrangements
  • may not wish to miss the
  • need the finalize the dates
  • to maintain your benefits
  • unpaid leave will begin on
  • will be happy to grant
  • will need to cover the costs of
  • will fill in for you
  • would appreciate your
  • your training your replacement
  • your request for

2. If desired, add a friendly comment.


  • This is a well-earned opportunity.
  • Jane says she doesn't know how her section will survive without you, but we all wish you a pleasant break.
  • You mentioned you are planning to travel to the coast. We wish you the best of good weather.
  • We were sorry to hear of your father's illness. This is a difficult time for your family and our best wishes go with you.
  • We wish you and Eric a happy time at home with the new additions to your family, but we also look forward to your return.


  • already looking forward to
  • best wishes go with you
  • enjoy this well-deserved
  • enjoy your hard-earned
  • hope all goes well
  • hope you encounter good weather
  • hope things work out well
  • is a difficult time for you
  • is a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity
  • is in the nature of a celebration
  • look forward to
  • thoughts will be with you
  • to your return
  • understand that this is
  • were sorry to hear about
  • will certainly miss you
  • wish you much success
  • wish you a happy time

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