Authorize Work to Be Done — Letter-Writing Tutorial


Be thorough, but concise. Lists are often helpful. Include any affidavits or permits needed, so work can begin as soon as possible.


1. Authorize the reader to do the job. Include all necessary details.


  • Congratulations! We are awarding your company the contract to build our new facility in Springfield. We anticipate that the project will take eighteen months to complete. We authorize the following:<br /> 1. Building the new plant, including subcontracting<br /> 2. Providing finish work and cleanup
  • The board of directors has authorized funding to proceed with your remodeling project. The stipulations are as follows:<br /> 1. that you finish the project at a cost not exceeding $300,000<br /> 2. that you obtain the necessary permits<br /> 3. that you complete the project no later than March 17 of next year
  • I would like you to install a security system at my home. I agree to your advertised hourly rate and would like you to begin the project no later than April 23, and finish by May 15.
  • I authorize you to work full time on creating an on-line demonstration and tutorial for our product line. We would like you to begin this project immediately and have it finished by August 12, in time for the Trade Show in Springfield September 5.
  • I would like to commission a mural with a Southwestern motif for my restaurant. Although we are still in the construction phase, the area for the mural is complete. You can begin work on it immediately. We plan to open no later than November 1.


  • accept your bid
  • accept your estimate and agree to the terms
  • agree to pay the fees you listed
  • agreement includes the payment of
  • anticipate that the project will take
  • are only provisional estimates
  • are authorized to proceed with
  • authorize you to
  • award your company the job
  • award the subcontract to
  • based upon the written estimate
  • can begin work
  • commission you to
  • company is awarded the contract to
  • contract includes but is not limited to
  • following terms apply
  • grant permission to
  • has authorized me to offer
  • have it completed by
  • have it finished by
  • includes the following features
  • letter constitutes authorization to
  • letter authorizes your company to
  • may begin work immediately
  • personnel will accept direction from
  • please sign the
  • please respond by
  • please proceed as planned
  • the following payment terms
  • the following conditions apply
  • will provide all necessary permits and licenses
  • will provide you with
  • would like you to

2. Describe any enclosures.


  • We have used your bidding figures to project costs and anticipated payments and have included a breakdown of each with this letter.
  • I have included a list of features I require and a list of products I want installed.
  • I am enclosing a written statement of authorization and copies of the city, county, and state permits. I have also included the name of a distributor for the electronic equipment. We have worked with this company before and value their service. We recommend ordering equipment through them, but feel free to use any distributor in which you have confidence.
  • I have included schematic drawings of the store and a final list of materials.
  • Enclosed is your copy of the contract, diskettes for the product, and a company phone list. Please feel free to contact me or my operations manager to answer any questions regarding software.


  • a provisional estimate of
  • a final list of
  • according to the terms on the enclosed
  • am enclosing a
  • enclosed is a copy of
  • enclosed are official statements of authorization from
  • have enclosed your copy of
  • have included a
  • have included a list of
  • here are the documents you requested
  • in the enclosed contract
  • included is a breakdown of the costs
  • included is a list of
  • necessary permits are attached
  • note the marked provisions
  • note the enclosed list of
  • please sign the enclosed
  • please find enclosed a
  • the conditions on the attached document apply
  • the enclosed contract
  • will need the following materials

3. Ask the reader to reply to your letter and close on a positive note.


  • Please sign this letter in the space provided and return the signed copy to our office. We look forward to working with you.
  • When you have reviewed the contents of this package, please respond by sending a fax to inform us whether you agree to the terms. We hope to hear from you soon.
  • I would appreciate hearing from you after you have reviewed the material I've included. Please call me.
  • Please review the schedules and tell us when we can get together to discuss the project in greater detail. Thank you again for your cooperation.
  • After you have decided how you would like to proceed, please give me a call so we can work out the details.


  • appreciate your cooperation
  • arrange a time for us to meet
  • call so we can work out the details
  • decide how you would like to proceed
  • feel free to contact
  • hope to hear from you soon
  • if you will comply with these terms
  • if you agree to the terms
  • if any problems arise
  • if you have questions
  • if you are willing to
  • in the event of an emergency
  • let us know
  • look forward to working with you
  • please read this contract carefully and respond by
  • please sign and return
  • please return the original to
  • please sign this letter in the space provided
  • please respond as soon as possible
  • please respond before
  • provide copies of
  • time is of the essence

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