Authorize Legal Representation — Letter-Writing Tutorial


Be specific in expressing your desires. Do not assume anything that is not explicitly written.


1. Tell the reader what you are authorizing him or her to do and what you expect him or her to accomplish.


  • Per our January 9 telephone conversation, I authorize you to represent me in contract arbitration. I trust that you will secure payment that is commensurate with the work I have done for Doe Industries.
  • We authorize you to represent our interests in our suit against Doe Associates to recover our losses.
  • We hereby authorize you to represent us in the upcoming contract negotiations. We want you to negotiate a 13% increase in workers' salaries and a 50% reduction in our health insurance deductibles.
  • I authorize you to represent the interests of our company at the upcoming Senate hearings on environmental regulation. You are authorized to use any legal means you deem necessary to demonstrate to the subcommittee that Doe Incorporated understands and complies with EPA regulations.
  • We authorize you to represent us in the negotiations with the Doe government to free our assets from that country's recent nationalization of businesses.


  • according to our agreement
  • are authorized to
  • are pleased to authorize you to
  • as we discussed on April 3
  • authorize you to
  • commission you to represent
  • demonstrate to the committee that
  • give you permission to
  • in the negotiations with
  • it is mandatory that you
  • please ensure that
  • request that you
  • request your services in
  • to secure a ruling
  • to represent us
  • to help us to
  • to represent us in seeking to
  • to represent our interests in
  • would like you to
  • would like to have you represent

2. Tell the reader about any documents you have enclosed or have in your possession which will strengthen your claim.


  • We have sent you a copy of the shareholders' agreement that specifically delineates our powers.
  • We have memos in our possession that clearly show we were aware of the problem and had taken steps to clear up the issue long before we were contacted by the EPA.
  • We will provide you with copies of several corporate newsletters and memos that the CEO sent which clearly prove that he tried to cover up his shady dealings by deliberately lying to our investors and to both governments.
  • With this letter I am sending a hard copy of my logs documenting the work I did for Doe Associates, as well as a diskette with the same information that shows when I entered the logs.
  • We have enclosed copies of several studies by leading authorities that clearly show that the work we were required to do was far more hazardous than the company is willing to admit.


  • a list of documents
  • are in my possession
  • can obtain documents from
  • documents authorized us to
  • documents show that
  • enclosed are all pertinent documents
  • files will aid us in proving
  • have enclosed the following documents
  • have enclosed documents which
  • have in our possession documents showing that
  • have the following documents in my possession
  • information on the enclosed diskette
  • memos will prove that
  • outline recent developments in
  • records support our claims
  • the attached copies of
  • the enclosed documents
  • these should help in arbitration
  • these documents state
  • these documents should strengthen
  • will send copies of
  • will fax these documents
  • will provide you with copies of
  • will need the attached

3. Tell the reader what billing terms you agree to.


  • We agree to pay your advertised rate of $900 per day, plus travel expenses. Please send us a monthly bill, and we will pay it by the 15th day of the following month.
  • We can pay only $400 per day until we have received our settlement money. Then we will pay the balance.
  • We agree to your rate of $175 per hour plus expenses and ask that you bill us every six weeks. With each bill, please include a log which documents what action has been taken in the case during that billing period.
  • As for payment, I agree to pay your customary rate of $350 per day.
  • I would like to sit down with you to discuss a payment schedule.


  • accept your standard rates
  • agree to pay
  • agree to the following terms
  • am able to pay only
  • ask that you bill me every
  • at your normal rates
  • billing address is
  • include a log which documents recent developments
  • include a letter describing the status of the work
  • include an itemized statement
  • outline any additional expenses
  • please keep an expense account
  • please send bills to
  • please bill us monthly
  • request a monthly billing period
  • send a written schedule of your rates
  • send an update on progress
  • send a review of the proceedings
  • the billing terms we discussed
  • to be included with your bill
  • to accompany the bill
  • understand that you will bill us
  • will pay the balance in full at that time
  • will pay by the
  • will receive a cash advance
  • will pay all additional expenses
  • will pay the bill before
  • will pay the balance by
  • would like to discuss a payment schedule

4. Ask the reader to confirm the agreement.


  • If you agree to represent us, please fax or mail us your reply.
  • If you agree, please sign the bottom of this letter and return a copy to my office.
  • Should you agree to take this case, sign on the line provided and return two copies of this letter to us.
  • Please call our office if you agree to these terms.
  • If you agree to represent us, please send us a signed copy of this letter and call us so we can negotiate a payment schedule.


  • call so we can negotiate a payment schedule
  • confirm the agreement by notifying us at
  • direct all concerns to
  • fax us your reply
  • for our records
  • if you agree to these terms
  • if you accept these terms
  • if you agree to represent us
  • if you have any questions or concerns call at
  • if this is your understanding of the agreement
  • please confirm that you will
  • please respond as soon as
  • please call if
  • return a copy to
  • return two copies of this letter to
  • send a signed copy of this letter
  • should these terms be acceptable
  • should you agree to take this case
  • sign on the space provided and return to
  • sign the bottom of this letter
  • to confirm the agreement

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