Remind a Customer That Payment Is Past Due — Collections 2 of 6 — Letter-Writing Tutorial


This is the second letter in the collection series. It still takes the form of a reminder, but is more direct and less cordial. It should firmly ask for payment and should carry a more urgent tone. As with the first letter, it may appear on the bottom of a billing statement.


1. If at all probable, concede that the customer may have forgotten to send the payment.


  • We understand how busy you are and realize that you may have forgotten to send your payment on time.
  • We were surprised to find that we still had not received your payment.
  • If we have not received payment because of some problem, please let me know immediately.
  • We are confident that you did not intentionally overlook our last communication requesting payment.
  • It has come to our attention that you neglected to bring your past due account up to date.
  • I have enclosed a copy of invoice #123 for your convenience.


  • 14 days overdue
  • missed your payment due date
  • are aware of your obligation
  • are confident you did not intentionally overlook
  • believe you intended to pay us on time
  • busy time of the year
  • could be that
  • did you realize your payment
  • did you know your payment
  • do not doubt that
  • have you forgotten to send your remittance
  • have yet to send your payment
  • have enclosed a copy of invoice #123
  • have not received your payment
  • if I have not contacted the right department
  • if payments are handled by another department
  • in case you have misplaced the original
  • it surprised us to find
  • neglected to bring your past due account up to date
  • noticed that you neglected
  • our last communication requested payment
  • please let us know if there has been a change of address
  • please let me know
  • please contact us
  • realize that things get hectic
  • realize that you may have forgotten
  • simple misunderstanding
  • simply overlooked
  • still have not sent your payment
  • understand how busy you may have been
  • unintentionally overlooked the payment date

2. Remind the customer that the payment is past due.


  • This is your second notice. Your payment of $500 is now 45 days past due.
  • Although we sent you a letter two weeks ago, notifying you that your account is past due, we still have not received payment.
  • We wonder if you have forgotten that your payment is 45 days past due.
  • The $389.87 due on your account is now 45 days late.
  • We want to remind you that your account is now three weeks past due.
  • Our recent review of your account reveals that your payment of $6,738.93 is overdue.
  • We remind you that our credit terms dictate prompt monthly payments. You still owe $39.17.
  • As of today, we still have not received your check for $299.99.
  • We write to remind you of your unpaid debt of $1,986.38.
  • We direct your attention to the $805.00 you should have paid last month.
  • You still have not paid the $4,439 you owe for our services in March.
  • We are still waiting for your April payment.


  • a friendly reminder
  • a reassessment of your account
  • a recent review of your account
  • a review of your credit file reveals
  • a recent audit of your account shows
  • account is still past due
  • account has yet to be brought up to date
  • account is still delinquent
  • although we wrote you a letter two weeks ago
  • an analysis of your account
  • an evaluation of your account
  • are still waiting for your March payment
  • are still waiting for
  • by the terms of our agreement
  • call your attention to
  • certain you must have
  • direct your attention to
  • for not sending your payment in on time
  • for services rendered on March 15
  • have yet to receive payment on your account
  • just want to remind
  • notifying you that your account is past due
  • our records indicate
  • our credit terms dictate
  • our agreement dictates
  • payment is still past due
  • prompt monthly payments in full
  • remind you of your unpaid debt of
  • remittance has not been received
  • should have paid last month
  • still have not received payment

3. Request immediate payment.


  • We will appreciate your immediate cooperation.
  • Our financial department will appreciate your prompt payment.
  • We want to continue offering you credit. Please help us do so by mailing your payment today.
  • We must receive your payment by March 9.
  • We expect prompt payment.
  • Please send your check for $385.00 now.
  • I suggest immediate payment of the full amount due on your account.
  • Although you did not respond to my first attempt to collect payment on your account, I trust that this time you will remit payment in full.
  • Since payment is long past due, we request immediate attention to this matter.
  • Won't you please clear up this matter today by sending us a check for the full amount!


  • although you did not respond
  • ask for your immediate attention
  • ask for prompt reply
  • by sending us a check for the full amount
  • clear up this matter
  • don't procrastinate
  • expect to receive a payment within
  • expect to see your payment within one week
  • feel you must consider
  • find an alternative
  • first priority
  • fully expect
  • if you don't have the funds
  • immediate payment in full
  • pay off your account
  • please resolve this issue
  • remit full payment
  • remit your payment today
  • request immediate payment
  • request payment immediately
  • your prompt payment
  • your immediate cooperation

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