Appeal to a Customer's Personal Interests to Pay an Overdue Bill — Collections 3 of 6 — Letter-Writing Tutorial


This letter is the third in the collection series. It still carries a somewhat friendly tone, but no longer assumes that the customer has overlooked sending a payment. The message should be more forceful and persuasive than previous letters and should convey a greater sense of urgency. Pointing out that the customer's credit standing may be badly damaged adds leverage at this point.


1. Mention any previous letters you have written and state that you have still not received the customer's reply.


  • We have sent two previous notices and still have received no reply.
  • I am disappointed that I have not yet received your payment.
  • We appreciate your check for $39.95 to cover July's bill, but are dismayed that June's bill for $50.00 remains unpaid.
  • We still have not received your check for invoice #3210021. We strongly urge you to pay the balance due immediately.
  • I wonder whether you understand the seriousness of your failure to pay your bill.
  • We have directed your attention several times to your delinquent account and have received no response.


  • account is still delinquent
  • after two prior notices
  • after two letters
  • again, would like to call your attention to
  • am disappointed that
  • appreciate the gravity
  • delinquent account
  • failure to pay your bill
  • for the third time
  • grasp the importance
  • have received no word from you
  • have not yet received your payment
  • have given no explanation
  • have sent several notices
  • have mailed two notices
  • have directed your attention several times
  • have received no remittance
  • have received no response
  • have neither paid this amount nor responded in any way
  • have still not received payment
  • haven't even acknowledged our letters
  • need your payment
  • not in your best interest to ignore
  • previously sent two letters
  • relatively small balance
  • still have not received your check
  • still have received no reply
  • strongly urge you to
  • the last two statements
  • the last two notices
  • the last two reminders
  • these unusual circumstances
  • this is the third letter
  • understand how grave
  • understand the importance of a good credit rating
  • whether you understand the seriousness

2. Tell the customer that withholding payment jeopardizes his or her credit standing.


  • We are concerned that if you do not remit payment immediately, your credit rating will be badly damaged.
  • As you know, a good credit record is a valuable asset. By withholding payment, you are in danger of seriously jeopardizing not only your credit standing with our company, but also your potential to obtain credit elsewhere. Please be aware that your delinquency will be reported to credit agencies.
  • Each passing day that you do not remit payment, you injure your reputation as a reliable credit risk.
  • Every day you fail to send your payment, you damage your financial credibility.
  • For all concerned, we hope you will act swiftly to avoid damage to your otherwise good credit history.
  • You are creating a potentially difficult situation by not mailing your check.


  • a good credit record
  • are creating a potentially embarrassing situation
  • are in danger of seriously damaging
  • are concerned that
  • are injuring your reputation
  • bad credit standing
  • by not remitting payment
  • by not paying
  • by failing to pay
  • by withholding payment
  • can have far-reaching effects
  • can have damaging effects
  • can avoid credit problems
  • credit rating will be seriously threatened
  • credit record will be adversely affected
  • credit history has been good up until now
  • credit record has been excellent
  • do you understand the importance of a good credit rating
  • don't jeopardize your good credit rating
  • don't damage your good credit rating
  • harming your otherwise good credit history
  • have had the reputation of a reliable customer
  • have a good credit reputation
  • hope you will act swiftly
  • if you do not remit payment immediately
  • if you do not send payment soon
  • if we do not receive a check for the full amount soon
  • jeopardizes your credit standing
  • will be reported to credit agencies

3. Express your confidence that the reader will remit payment soon.


  • We trust that you recognize the seriousness of your failure to pay, and that you will remit full payment immediately.
  • We are confident that you are as anxious to pay off this account as we are to receive your check.
  • We have been very patient with your delinquent account, so we trust that you will now reciprocate with the courtesy of your full payment.
  • We trust you are concerned about your outstanding balance and intend to remit payment promptly.
  • I am assuming that you are intending to send in your payment. Please do so immediately.


  • am assuming you will send in your payment
  • anticipate your prompt reply
  • anxious to receive your check
  • are confident you are as anxious to pay off
  • as far as we are concerned
  • assuming you are intending to pay
  • by the end of the week
  • commit yourself to act
  • confident you will remit payment
  • expect your account to be updated by
  • feel certain you will send your payment immediately
  • feel certain you will put your payment in the mail immediately
  • feel certain you are concerned
  • feel certain you will live up to your contract
  • for your convenience
  • have included a stamped envelope
  • have been very patient
  • have always been able to communicate with each other
  • have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship
  • having an outstanding debt
  • if you have already sent a payment
  • if your check is in the mail
  • if your remittance has already been sent
  • know you are anxious to eliminate your debt
  • know you want to eliminate your debt
  • look forward to clearing your account
  • look forward to receiving your check
  • the courtesy of honoring your financial obligation
  • trust you are concerned about
  • trust that you recognize
  • trust you will want to resolve this problem
  • trust that you will now reciprocate
  • trust you will remit full payment immediately

4. Direct the customer to respond immediately.


  • We have completed our portion of our contract; now it is up to you to do your part. Please send us a check for $40.00. Enclosed is a self-addressed envelope for your convenience.
  • Please send your payment of $3,478.00 today.
  • Your immediate remittance, please!
  • I have enclosed an extra copy of January's invoice. Please remit the amount shown today.
  • Send your payment before your credit is seriously damaged.
  • We will be waiting for your check to arrive within the next week.
  • We anticipate your prompt payment.
  • To protect your credit rating, send your payment today!
  • I sincerely hope you will send the money immediately so we can continue to serve you.


  • anticipate your prompt reply
  • can't avoid this debt
  • enclosed is a self-addressed envelope
  • feel certain you will put your payment in the mail immediately
  • for your credit rating's sake
  • have honored our portion of the contract
  • have fulfilled our portion of the contract
  • have you already put your check in the mail
  • please remit payment immediately
  • please pay immediately
  • please put the check in the mail today
  • please forward your payment in the enclosed envelope
  • please respond immediately
  • please give this matter your attention today
  • please remit to my attention
  • prompt attention to this matter
  • so we can continue serving you
  • want to be able to extend you credit

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