Offer Assistance to a Customer Having Difficulty Paying an Overdue Bill — Collections 4 of 6 | Letter-Writing Guide


This letter is a replica of letter three, with one exception. This letter's collection technique is to offer customer assistance in making an overdue payment. Use a sincere tone and gently persuade the customer to contact you to discuss the problem.


1. Mention any previous letters you have written and state that you have still not received the customer's reply.

  • We have mailed three notices, and still have received no reply.
  • I am disappointed that I have not yet received your payment.
  • We appreciate receiving your check for $39.95 to cover July's bill, but are dismayed that June's bill for $50.00 remains unpaid.
  • We still have not received your check for invoice #3210021. We strongly urge you pay the balance due immediately.
  • I wonder whether you understand the seriousness of your failure to pay your bill.
  • We have directed your attention to your delinquent account several times but you have not responded.
  • account is still delinquent
  • again, would like to call your attention to
  • delinquent account
  • dismayed that your March bill is still unpaid
  • have neither paid this small amount nor responded in any way
  • have received no remittance
  • have not acknowledged our letters
  • have not yet received your payment
  • have still not received payment
  • have received no response
  • have directed your attention several times
  • have sent several notices
  • have given no explanation
  • have received no notice
  • have mailed three notices
  • if you are having problems paying
  • is now 60 days late
  • know you could be having legitimate problems paying
  • still have not received your check
  • strongly urge you to
  • the last two statements
  • the last three notices
  • the last three reminders
  • these unusual circumstances

2. Tell the customer that withholding payment jeopardizes his or her credit standing.

  • We are concerned that if you do not remit payment immediately, your credit rating will be seriously damaged.
  • As you know, a good credit record is a valuable asset. By withholding payment, you are in danger of seriously jeopardizing yours.
  • Each passing day that you do not remit payment, you injure your reputation as a reliable credit risk.
  • Every day that you fail to send your payment continues to damage your financial credibility.
  • For all concerned, we hope you will act swiftly to avoid further damage to your otherwise good credit history.
  • You are creating a potentially embarrassing and difficult situation by refusing to mail your check.
  • a good credit record
  • all over the country
  • are in danger of seriously damaging
  • are creating a potentially embarrassing situation
  • are injuring your reputation
  • are concerned that
  • avoid further damage to
  • bad credit standing
  • by not remitting payment
  • by failing to mail your check
  • by failing to pay
  • by not paying
  • by withholding payment
  • can have damaging effects
  • can circumvent credit problems
  • can have far-reaching effects
  • credit history has been good up until now
  • credit record has been excellent
  • credit rating will be badly damaged
  • exchange credit information with banks and lending companies
  • for all concerned
  • harming your otherwise good credit history
  • have had the reputation of a reliable credit risk
  • have a good credit reputation
  • hope you will act swiftly
  • if you do not remit payment immediately
  • jeopardize your credit rating
  • jeopardizes your credit standing
  • understand the importance of a good credit rating
  • will seriously affect your credit record

3. Direct the customer to respond immediately.

  • To avoid a negative credit report, send the above stated amount immediately.
  • We trust that you recognize the seriousness of your failure to pay, and that you will remit full payment immediately.
  • We are confident that you are as anxious to pay off this account as we are to receive your check.
  • We have been very patient with your delinquent account, so we trust that you will now reciprocate by sending your full payment.
  • We trust you are concerned about your outstanding balance and intend to remit payment promptly. Please make that intention a reality now.
  • I am assuming that you intend to send payment. Please do so now!
  • anticipate your prompt reply
  • do not delay
  • enclosed is a self-addressed envelope
  • let's resolve this problem
  • please pay immediately
  • please respond immediately
  • please remit payment immediately
  • please send your payment today
  • please forward the check in the enclosed envelope
  • please remit to my attention
  • please give this matter your attention today
  • trust you will put your payment in the mail immediately

4. Indicate your willingness to discuss any difficulties the customer may be having with making the payment.

  • I will contact you on Monday to discuss your payment options. I want to resolve this situation, so please be prepared to help me understand your current financial status.
  • Perhaps if you give me the opportunity to discuss this matter with you face to face we can come up with an alternative payment schedule which will satisfy us both.
  • If you have any questions about the enclosed invoice, please phone me and I will be happy to answer them.
  • If you are experiencing difficulties, I am willing to listen and am eager to help you regain a good credit standing.
  • If you can't pay the full amount at this time, please call me, and we can discuss the matter.
  • Is there a reason why you have not yet sent your payment? I am concerned about your company's financial status and hope you will call me to discuss payment.
  • If you are experiencing difficulties, please call and explain your situation. Perhaps we can help each other resolve the matter.
  • Please let me know immediately if you are having problems that we need to discuss.
  • If you are experiencing business problems, let me know, and I will give you all the help I can.
  • If you need help, we are anxious to lend assistance.
  • Please call me so we can discuss this matter before I consider taking more aggressive action.
  • alleviate the pressure
  • alternative payment schedule
  • am anxious to help you
  • am concerned about your company's future
  • am willing to listen
  • anxious to see how we can help
  • anxious to lend assistance
  • any extenuating circumstances
  • any problems you have making the payment
  • aware you may be having problems
  • before I consider taking more aggressive action
  • can arrange an alternate payment schedule
  • can offer assistance
  • can help you with financial planning
  • current financial status
  • discuss this matter with you
  • eager to resolve the matter
  • give you all the help I can
  • have been able to help others
  • have been able to come up with viable solutions
  • hope you will call me to discuss payment
  • if you give me the opportunity
  • if you are experiencing difficulties
  • if you are experiencing financial problems
  • if you are having problems we need to discuss
  • if you have any questions
  • if you can't pay the full amount
  • please let me know immediately
  • please call us and explain your situation
  • please help me to understand
  • questions about the enclosed invoice
  • regain a good credit standing
  • see what we can work out together
  • serve you better by
  • sincerely want to help
  • solution which will satisfy both of us
  • take some pressure off you and your pocketbook
  • to discuss payment options
  • will keep your financial credibility intact
  • willing to work out
  • willing to discuss difficulties
  • willing to try something different
  • work out an alternate plan

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