Appeal to Higher Authorities When Complaint Letters Don't Work | Letter-Writing Guide


Before writing, decide which person, agency or organization will help you the most. It is best to write to the closest person or agency that has immediate overseeing responsibility for the person or business against which you have a complaint. Omit irrelevant details and use firm but respectful language.


1. Explain your reason for writing the letter. Then give a full description of your complaint, including relevant dates, verbal exchanges, complete names, actions, transactions, invoice or file numbers, or previous correspondence.

  • I am writing to seek your help in resolving a problem that the Springfield office appears unwilling to address. On June 3, I complained to John Doe (copy of letter enclosed) about the way my assistant was treated when she delivered notices. As she entered the office she was greeted with cat calls and vulgar language. This kind of unprofessional behavior places our good working relationship in jeopardy.
  • Our continued efforts to resolve a problem with your corporation have been unsuccessful, so we are looking to you for help. For years we have enjoyed good associations with the Doe Corporation, so we were shocked at the callous treatment we received from your sales representative last Thursday. In our discussion of the contract details he behaved unprofessionally and used vulgar language. His behavior places our working relationship with your firm at risk.
  • As a last resort I am turning to you to resolve an ongoing problem with your company. I know Doe Corporation strives for customer satisfaction, but for some reason the Springfield office has procrastinated in dealing with the rude behavior we have experienced from the newest employee.
  • I hope you can influence the Doe Corporation to honor an agreement we made regarding a legal assistant.
  • I have been very dissatisfied with the performance of the clerk they assigned to work with my office. It was my understanding that we would meet with him every week to review progress, but I have only seen him once in the last five weeks, and the Doe office will not return my calls.
  • I am turning to you as a last resort to request your help in collecting a refund for an overpayment. My son purchased a rifle from the Doe Corporation on June 5. When he told me that he had paid $330.00 for it, I was surprised, because Mr. Doe had assured me that my son would get a 10% discount.
  • After receiving no response from several telephone calls and letters, I now request your assistance in persuading the Doe Corporation to honor their explicit warranty on a chest that I purchased on May 25. The enclosed documents show that the warrantee on the chest covers faulty workmanship and material, if a claim is made within a week of purchase. You can see from the copies of the receipt and my letter to the company that my claim was made within that time.
  • It is unfortunate that I now must turn to you for help in getting the Doe Corporation to correct my payment record, so that my credit rating will not be affected. I have requested the correction several times by telephone to no avail. I am enclosing copies of canceled checks that validate every payment I made in September.
  • The Doe Corporation has withheld a refund for several months, so I am asking your assistance in securing it. Mr. Walfied assured me that he would send a refund by June 1, but he has not followed through and will not return my calls. I have now purchased another trailer and need the money immediately to cover the payment. Please note the dates of our transaction on the enclosed photocopy.
  • I am writing out of frustration since I have been unsuccessful in getting the Doe Corporation to respond to our service needs. We have had continual problems with the dishwasher that we bought from them on November 15. Currently, the dry cycle does not work, and they do not respond to our calls for repair or replacement. I hope you can get their attention.
  • I need your assistance in resolving a problem with the Doe Corporation. It has been over a sixty days since I placed a prepaid order for new tires. I have written several letters and have telephoned to find out what has happened to my order, but I have received no response. If my order is not filled immediately, I must have a refund.
  • after receiving no response from
  • am afraid I must report
  • am enclosing a copy of
  • am forwarding my complaint to
  • are unwilling to address
  • are turning to you for help
  • as a last resort
  • been very dissatisfied with
  • can see from the copies of
  • claim was made in good time
  • complained to the Doe Corporation on
  • copy of previous correspondence
  • does not return my calls
  • failed to follow through
  • feel you should know about
  • have tried to resolve this at a local level
  • have requested on several occasions that
  • have tried dealing directly with
  • have never before experienced such
  • have been frustrated at every turn
  • have circumvented our every attempt to
  • hope you can get their attention
  • hope that you can influence
  • I must now turn to
  • important that this is taken care of
  • jeopardizes our working relationship
  • matter is becoming urgent
  • my understanding was that
  • no action resulted from
  • no other choice but to
  • our continued efforts to
  • places a good working relationship in jeopardy
  • received no response from
  • request your assistance in
  • resolve an ongoing problem with
  • seek your help in
  • seek your help in resolving
  • this letter is the result of
  • to honor their warranty on
  • to honor their contract
  • to honor our agreement
  • was shocked at the callous treatment

2. Enclose copies of all letters, receipts and documents. Keep the originals. Close with an expression of confidence or expectation.

  • Please refer to the receipts and letters for documentation. I trust that the matter can now be quickly resolved. You may call me at 555-5555.
  • I will greatly appreciate your assistance in resolving this frustrating problem. I hope we can resolve it this month. Please inform me of the outcome. You can reach me at 555-5555.
  • I am glad that I can turn to you for this assistance. If you need further information, I will gladly comply. My telephone number is 555-5555.
  • With your help I believe we can put this problem behind us. Please let me know the outcome. My telephone number is 555-5555.
  • We are fortunate in being able to turn to you for assistance. Please let me know if you need further information. Feel free to call me at 555-5555.
  • am fortunate in being able to
  • am confident that you can
  • am thankful I can turn to you for
  • am confident in your ability to
  • am sure you will be able to
  • believe this matter can be
  • believe we can resolve
  • can resolve the matter
  • don't hesitate to call
  • for your assistance
  • hope that you can
  • hope it can be resolved soon
  • if you need further information
  • inform me of the outcome of
  • merits your attention
  • please give this matter
  • please take action as soon as possible
  • put a stop to
  • refer to the copies of
  • thank you for
  • the enclosed documentation
  • this has taught me to
  • trust that you will
  • will greatly appreciate
  • will appreciate your help
  • will take immediate action
  • would appreciate any assistance

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