Complain About Harassment | Letter-Writing Guide


In this letter you need to be assertive, but not insulting. Be brief, and don't threaten legal action unless you are willing to follow through with it.


1. Give all the relevant facts concerning the incident(s) in question. If a business is harassing you, include copies of any receipts, canceled checks, or notices that will substantiate your position.

  • On the evening of May 18, Officer Doe stopped me because he suspected me of possessing a controlled substance. He found none on my person and let me go. I am happy to cooperate with an officer doing his job, despite the inconvenience and embarrassment. The problem is that on four separate occasions since then, this same officer has stopped me to check me again. This is turning into harassment.
  • Yesterday I received a third delinquency notice from you. If you will check your records, you will find that I paid the bill a full week before it was due, and that I have sent the other two notices back with this same information. In addition, for the third time, I have included a photocopy of the canceled check.
  • Although I decided not to contract for your services, I have seen you outside my store on several occasions soliciting customers. My managers have asked you to leave several times, yet you come back. This store and parking lot are posted against solicitation. You have already received your last warning.
  • My daughter has indicated to you on numerous occasions that she finds your company distasteful. I, myself, have witnessed her refusal to go out with you on two separate occasions.
  • am thoroughly tired of
  • apparently don't know the meaning of "no"
  • asked you not to call again
  • can clearly recall that
  • can't imagine why you have chosen to
  • courts do not look kindly upon
  • did not mind so much the first time
  • find this situation to be
  • have indicated on several occasions
  • have declined to associate with
  • have included a copy of
  • have given you no encouragement at all
  • if you will check your records
  • is not the first time that
  • is now becoming harassment
  • is difficult to maintain a courteous demeanor when
  • to be a clear-cut case of harassment
  • to be both tedious and unpleasant
  • to come straight to the point
  • will not accept any more

2. State directly that you expect the harassment to stop. Indicate what appropriate actions you will take if it does not. If you threaten legal action, be sure you can follow through, if necessary.

  • Kindly forward a copy of this letter to Officer Doe and inform him that if he stops me again for no reason, I will consider it harassment and press charges. Please remind him that I have several witnesses who will verify my charges.
  • I have paid my account in full and resent your action in placing my name with a collection agency. I value my good credit rating, but I will not be bullied into paying money that I do not owe. Please see that this is corrected immediately, or I will take additional measures.
  • If you persist in harassing my daughter, I will seek legal action against you.
  • Mrs. Doe, because you have not ceased to harass my clients, I have begun the process of obtaining a restraining order against you. We feel we have been more than reasonable in dealing with you, but now we have no recourse other than to pursue legal action against you.
  • I am sending a copy of this letter to the president of your company and to my lawyer. If your collections department continues to harass me, I will press charges.
  • am sending you a copy of
  • be forced to take measures against
  • because you have not ceased to harass
  • cease and desist from
  • expect this annoyance to stop
  • for my protection, I have
  • have several witnesses
  • have begun the process of
  • have witnesses to these
  • have decided to
  • have no recourse other than to
  • have applied for a restraining order
  • have obtained a restraining order
  • have already contacted my lawyer
  • have a right to
  • have been more than patient
  • if this happens again
  • if this is not corrected immediately
  • if you persist in
  • kindly see to it that
  • legal action will follow
  • must stop this immediately, or
  • that this is corrected immediately
  • to pursue legal action against you
  • will not stand for
  • will not be harassed
  • will not be intimidated by
  • will obtain appropriate legal action
  • will refer this to the proper authorities
  • will take legal action against
  • will not pay the same bill twice
  • will not be harassed into
  • will not hesitate to
  • will press charges against
  • will take additional measures

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