Complain to a Neighbor or a Landlord | Letter-Writing Guide


Since you will continue to associate with these people, your letter needs to accomplish its purpose without destroying the relationship. Tact is important. Be direct, but respectful. If you feel you must take legal action, do not mention it until other measures appear to be failing.


1. State the relevant facts concerning the problem.

  • For the past three nights your loud music kept me awake. I have no argument with your right to play music, but I must protest the excessive volume at which it is played.
  • According to my contract, I should have received my deposit within three weeks of moving out of the apartment, but it has now been six weeks, and I have not yet received it.
  • The contract that all tenants sign states that we are not to keep any pets in our apartments, but for the past week we have heard dogs barking in the apartment directly above us.
  • I have been prompt in paying my rent every month, but I continually receive notices that my rent is overdue.
  • I am extremely concerned about the gas leak in my oven that I informed you about last week. I have anxiously waited for your response and intend to contact the city authorities unless I hear from you by Friday.
  • I have not received the services promised when I rented my apartment. I was assured that I would receive cable television and a reserved parking place, but neither has materialized.
  • according to my contract
  • according to our agreement
  • am writing because
  • am extremely concerned about
  • as I recall
  • becoming a health hazard
  • contract states that
  • have been prompt in paying my rent every month
  • have not received the promised services
  • have not yet received my
  • have informed you previously of
  • in the interests of the whole neighborhood
  • is in direct violation of
  • is a nuisance to
  • is becoming a serious problem
  • is creating a hazard
  • is a violation of our contract
  • is both inconsiderate and against the law
  • is very irritating
  • it disturbs me that
  • mailed it to you on the
  • parking in the spaces is reserved for
  • should have received my payment by
  • these unsanitary conditions
  • violates the law to
  • wish to keep on good terms with

2. Include any receipts, invoices, canceled checks, copies of contracts, or other proof that will support your complaint.

  • With this letter please find copies of the letters I have sent to apartment five, requesting that they clean up the garbage on their balcony.
  • I have included a copy of the letter I received from the apartment next door complaining about my car being in their parking spot. They continue to harass me about this, apparently not believing that I do not even own an automobile.
  • By way of a reminder, I have included a photocopy of the contract which stipulates that I must give thirty days notice before moving. I have also included a copy of the written notice I sent you thirty-two days before I left my apartment. I believe I have honored our agreement.
  • Please note the payment dates on the copies of my cancelled checks.
  • Enclosed you will find a receipt for the repairs I had done when your office failed to take care of the problem.
  • as the evidence shows
  • as you can see
  • can only say that
  • continue to harass me about
  • enclosed you will find
  • have caused severe damage to
  • have kept up my end of the agreement
  • have included a copy of
  • have included a photocopy of the contract
  • have sent this letter in order to
  • have included my receipts
  • have fulfilled my obligations
  • have included for your convenience
  • hope to settle this amicably
  • is ample evidence that
  • is grounds for
  • photographs of the
  • pictures of the damage to
  • receipt for the repairs
  • should support my contention that
  • the enclosed itemized statement
  • will support my complaint
  • will explain the background to

3. Tell how you feel the situation should be corrected. Include any actions you intend to take.

  • Please contact the tenants in apartment 5 and ask them to abide by the rules as others do.
  • If I do not receive my full deposit within two weeks, I will file suit in small claims court and lodge a complaint with the Fair Housing Commission.
  • I expect to be reimbursed for the services I paid for. If I do not receive a full refund, I will take my complaint directly to the owner.
  • I would appreciate it if you would confront these tenants with their violation of the no pets rule.
  • I would greatly appreciate your turning your stereo down after ten o'clock, as your contract requires.
  • abide by the same rules as
  • am sure you understand that
  • as our contracts stipulate
  • ask the tenants to
  • expect full reimbursement for
  • expect to be repaid for
  • if I do not receive my deposit by
  • logical way to handle this
  • may be forced to lodge a complaint with
  • may be obliged to seek legal advice
  • may I suggest that you
  • merits your personal attention
  • please lower the volume
  • please talk to the tenants
  • please let your renters know
  • remind the tenants that
  • situation merits immediate attention
  • situation seems to warrant
  • take action to resolve the issue
  • their contract forbids
  • will take my complaint directly to
  • will be forced to file suit
  • would like to recommend that
  • would help immensely if you would
  • would greatly appreciate your

4. Close on a positive note, expressing confidence that the reader will correct the problem.

  • I trust that you will give the problem your immediate attention.
  • I will appreciate your immediate attention to this matter.
  • Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Thank you for your help.
  • I hope to hear from you soon.
  • Please contact me as soon as possible. I am sure we can find a fair solution to this problem.
  • Thank you for responding to my concerns.
  • am confident that this will
  • am confident that you
  • an equitable solution to the problem
  • appreciate your cooperation
  • concerns will be resolved
  • for your cooperation
  • for taking the time to
  • give your prompt attention
  • have always been satisfied with
  • have no doubt that
  • have really enjoyed living here
  • hope to hear from you soon
  • look forward to
  • realize how busy you are
  • should be easy for you to
  • sure we can find a solution to
  • sure we can resolve this problem
  • thank you
  • thank you for
  • to avoid legal action
  • to having this sorted out
  • to having this settled
  • trust that you will
  • want to resolve the matter
  • will appreciate your immediate attention to
  • will be able to
  • would like to maintain our
  • would like to continue to

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