Give Personal Compliments or Praise | Letter-Writing Guide


A letter demonstrates a special effort to express a compliment, and also provides a tangible reminder of the praise. Keep the tone personal and sincere.


1. Mention the reason why you are complimenting or praising the reader.

  • Ever since you volunteered to take care of my sister's children while she recuperated from her surgery, I have admired your unselfishness.
  • I just want you to know that I think you are doing a terrific job.
  • Congratulations on getting funding for the next phase of development. You are becoming something of a legend around here.
  • I have learned more from you than from any teacher I have ever had.
  • I talked to John Doe yesterday, and he said that you did a superb job of filling in for me.
  • I was impressed by the way you handled the Little League team. I had no idea you were a coach.
  • am so proud of the way
  • congratulations on
  • did such a wonderful job
  • ever since you
  • for your unwavering support during
  • have taught me so much about
  • have had great admiration for
  • have had a profound effect on
  • have restored my faith in
  • how grateful I have been for
  • how much I admire
  • how impressed I have been
  • knowing that I could count on you
  • must congratulate you
  • of how much you have meant to
  • the superb job you have done
  • want you to know
  • was delighted to discover
  • wonder if you are fully aware of

2. Acknowledge positive personal qualities or special efforts.

  • I know that she feels comfortable leaving the children with you because of your caring, patient personality.
  • You always manage to meet each deadline with high quality work.
  • You definitely have a gift for writing convincing business plans.
  • You have a way of explaining things that is easy for me to understand. Not everyone has such a gift.
  • You have always put forth extra effort in your assignments. I really appreciate being the one who benefits this time.
  • You are able to motivate the young players while staying positive. We truly appreciate that quality in the leaders of our youth.
  • always manage to
  • can always count on you
  • composure and resolve
  • concern and sensitivity
  • cordial and helpful
  • deserve the very best
  • gave me the incentive to
  • handled it like a pro
  • have a gift for
  • if it hadn't been for you
  • not sure how you managed
  • particularly appreciate
  • patience and determination
  • such a flair
  • the way you
  • your patience with
  • your valuable expertise
  • your remarkable selflessness
  • your ability to
  • your willingness to
  • your vision of
  • your outstanding talent

3. Convey confidence in the reader or express appreciation.

  • I know she appreciates everything you do.
  • We are proud to have you on the team.
  • You have a great future in this business.
  • I am sure others feel the way I do.
  • It's great to have a colleague who will help this way.
    Thank you for your kindness.
  • Thanks for being such a great example.
  • Thanks for your helpful contributions.
  • Thank you for helping me at this difficult time.
  • Please accept my sincere gratitude.
  • always knew that you
  • am confident that
  • are proud to
  • are a great friend
  • are an inspiration to
  • can always count on you
  • don't know what we would have done
  • for being there
  • for being such a help
  • for helping
  • for your kindness
  • have a great future
  • is much appreciated
  • know that you will succeed
  • making a great contribution
  • my respect and admiration
  • please accept
  • really appreciate all you've done
  • sincere gratitude for
  • such a great example
  • thanks for everything
  • to have you as part of our team

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