Compliment or Praise a Program Chairperson or Planner | Letter-Writing Guide


The organizer of a successful seminar, symposium, conference or convention will greatly appreciate a complimentary letter. Taking the time and trouble to write may also help to cement a relationship.


1. Compliment the chairperson or planner on the event.

  • The conference was a grand success! We knew that you and your committee would do an outstanding job.
  • The seminar you organized for our company was superb.
  • I was extremely impressed with the conference you chaired last month.
  • Thank you for the outstanding work you did on the workshop last week. Those who were able to attend agree that it was worth every minute of their time.
  • My colleagues and I applaud your work in making the convention a success.
  • I want to express my sincere appreciation for your advance planning, which made the conference such a success.
  • Your efforts in planning the convention have attracted a great deal of attention and praise.
  • a memorable occasion
  • applaud your work
  • came through with another
  • congratulations on
  • did a fine job as
  • everyone is still talking about
  • on a job well done
  • one of the best ever
  • so many people have commented on
  • thank you for
  • that you organized was superb
  • the outstanding job you did
  • thoroughly enjoyed
  • thought you might like to know
  • typical of your work
  • was most enjoyable
  • was extremely impressed with
  • was a great success
  • was very beneficial
  • your efforts

2. Specifically mention something about the event that you appreciated.

  • This year's conference gave far more useful information than any other I have attended.
  • The lectures covered a broad spectrum of topics, so everyone felt that there was something of interest for them.
  • Everything seemed to work out very well. The workshops were helpful, the location was convenient, and the food was delicious.
  • Thank you for arranging the 'contact hour' every day. That time enabled me to meet with many colleagues who are experiencing similar difficulties. The time we spent together was very productive.
  • Dr. Doe's lecture on alternative medicine was the highlight of the seminar. I am pleased that you made such a bold move in choosing the keynote speaker.
  • You did a fantastic job of keeping the conference moving. The participants came away from each workshop with renewed enthusiasm for their work.
  • a very worthwhile
  • am particularly pleased
  • broad spectrum of
  • came away with
  • did a wonderful job
  • enabled us to
  • everything went smoothly
  • focused right in on
  • high quality of the program
  • interesting and knowledgeable
  • pleasing variety of
  • so conveniently situated
  • something for everybody
  • such excellent speakers
  • such a smoothly run event
  • thank you for arranging
  • tours and entertainment
  • was the highlight of
  • was most productive
  • well-planned and well-executed

3. Express thanks and reaffirm the program's success.

  • I am sure we will benefit from this seminar for years to come. Thanks for all you did to make it possible.
  • Once again, congratulations on a job well done.
  • Thank you for making this convention so memorable.
  • We thank you for another extraordinary seminar.
  • We want to commend you on a very successful event.
  • Thanks to you I made several valuable contacts.
  • We were fortunate to have you serve as chairperson.
  • a job well done
  • all feel the benefit
  • all know who to thank
  • all your hard work
  • everyone is looking forward to
  • are to be commended for
  • congratulations on
  • for doing such a great job
  • for another extraordinary
  • for making it such a memorable
  • for all you did
  • have a flair for organization
  • hope that you will
  • such careful planning on your part
  • thank you for
  • were fortunate to have you as
  • your planning and foresight
  • your attention to detail
  • your major contribution

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