Compliment or Praise a Salesperson or a Sales Staff | Letter-Writing Guide


This letter should acknowledge the person's or staff's good work and communicate your confidence in their abilities. Focus on complimenting rather than on motivating. Let the compliment be the motivation.


1. Express a compliment or praise for good work done.

  • We commend you and your department for your hard work in making this a record year.
  • I want to give each of you my sincerest thanks for your loyalty to the company.
  • Thanks to your efforts, our sales are at a record high!
  • We commend your team for making this season our most successful ever.
  • We applaud you for a job well done.
  • I want to give the members of your division my personal compliments on how well they handled the rush time.
  • I want to thank your sales staff for their extra help during this busy season.
  • We want to recognize your outstanding achievements this year.
  • accept our congratulations
  • admire the way that you
  • am continually impressed
  • am delighted to tell you that
  • an outstanding performance
  • appreciate the way that you
  • commend you for
  • congratulate you on your
  • contributors to our success
  • does not go unnoticed
  • exceeded your quota
  • extraordinary contribution you have made
  • is a privilege for me to
  • my sincerest thanks for
  • on behalf of management
  • on your knowledge
  • performance of our sales force
  • proud of your efforts
  • sincerely admire your
  • surpassed your quota
  • want to recognize
  • you met the deadline
  • your outstanding achievements
  • your sales expertise
  • your impeccable sales record
  • your professional manner

2. Acknowledge the effort that produced the positive results.

  • You pulled together as a team, set your goals, and reached them.
    Because of your cooperative attitudes your department has become the leader among all our sales teams.
  • We recognize the hard work and many overtime hours that have brought the entire company this success.
  • You have proved your commitment to meeting each customer's specific needs.
  • Your group is focused on a goal, and each sales representative displays an enthusiasm for the product.
  • You've done a great job of allowing each staff member the freedom to use his or her special talents as part of the sales strategy.
  • appreciate the way that you
  • contributors to our success
  • cooperative attitude
  • extraordinary contribution you have made
  • happy to announce
  • have proven your commitment
  • outstanding ability
  • performance of our sales force
  • products are the top-sellers
  • proud of your efforts
  • reached your goals
  • set a new company record
  • showed remarkable leadership
  • success of the entire company
  • thank you for
  • value your contribution
  • your enthusiasm and commitment
  • your hard work
  • your dedicated efforts
  • your many hours of

3. Express confidence in future successes.

  • We are proud to have such a committed sales staff.
  • I know you can reach any goal that you work together to accomplish.
  • We feel good knowing you are representing our company.
  • I am pleased with your efforts and have every confidence in your continued success.
  • We know we can depend on you to keep up the good work.
  • We are proud to have you on our team.
  • are proud to have
  • are our company's most important asset
  • are confident that you
  • continue to meet quotas
  • continue to work hard
  • continue to grow
  • continued success in the future
  • could become the market leader
  • ensure our continuing achievement
  • going to be the winners
  • have every confidence in
  • help build on success
  • keep up the good work
  • keep on winning
  • know we can depend on you
  • know you can do it
  • look forward to
  • pleased with your achievements
  • such a committed sales team
  • your best efforts

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