Confirm a Transfer, Promotion, or Relocation Assignment — Letter-Writing Tutorial


This letter is written confirmation of something with which your reader is already familiar. Provide only minimal instructions and information.


1. Confirm the transfer, promotion, or relocation.


  • Your transfer from Research and Development to Marketing has been approved and confirmed.
  • This letter is to confirm your promotion to assistant manager.
  • Your relocation to Springfield has been confirmed.
  • This letter is to confirm our conversation of July 3, in which we decided that you would relocate to our Springfield office.
  • This letter is to confirm your promotion to station chief, as well as to confirm your transfer to our office in Springfield.


  • appreciate your willingness to
  • are pleased to confirm
  • as was mentioned
  • as we discussed
  • extend a warm greeting to
  • extends congratulations on
  • following up on our
  • has been approved
  • has been confirmed
  • has been promoted to
  • once again, congratulations on
  • pleased to have you along
  • this letter is to confirm
  • to our office in
  • to confirm and clarify
  • to confirm your transfer to
  • to confirm our conversation
  • your relocation to
  • your promotion to
  • your transfer from

2. Mention when the change will become effective.


  • Your relocation to our Springfield office becomes effective on July 7.
  • Your reassignment becomes effective on Monday, April 4.
  • We expect you to begin work in your new office on July 7.
  • This change will become effective next Monday, June 6.
  • The marketing team in Springfield is looking forward to you joining them, starting July 7.


  • are looking forward to
  • as soon as possible
  • as soon as you arrive
  • at the end of
  • becomes effective on
  • before the beginning of
  • by the end of
  • effective immediately
  • expected that
  • join them on
  • no later than
  • not until after
  • preferably before
  • to be in your new office on
  • will take effect on
  • will start on
  • will have ample time to
  • will become effective on
  • with the arrival of
  • within thirty days
  • without delay

3. Mention any other pertinent information or instructions.


  • Congratulations on your promotion.
  • Be sure to see John in payroll to fill out a new withholding form.
  • Make sure that you see Jane in Human Services to get a copy of our company's help video on foreign relocations.
  • Since Jane's old office has become available, feel free to move your things there.
  • Please see Jane Doe early Monday morning before you start your new assignment. She would like to meet you and has some materials to give you.


  • be sure to see
  • before you start
  • can put you in touch with
  • feel free to
  • for the necessary training
  • for orientation on
  • get in touch with
  • if you have any questions
  • make sure that you see
  • on the particulars
  • please meet with
  • please arrange to
  • please report to
  • please consult with
  • set up an appointment with
  • the enclosed materials
  • unless we hear otherwise
  • will give you additional details
  • will fill you in
  • will receive training on
  • will answer any questions you may have
  • will make an appointment
  • would like you to meet with her
  • would like to meet you

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