Confirm the Receipt of a Resume, Contract Bid, or Application (Receiver's Letter) — Letter-Writing Tutorial


In confirming the receipt of something as important as a resume, contract bid, or application, your letter should let the reader know that he or she has been taken seriously. Your letter should be brief and businesslike.


1. Acknowledge having received the item.


  • Thank you for your resume which we received today.
  • I received your resume and application materials this morning.
  • I received your packet of application materials this morning.
  • Thank you for the contract bid you submitted.
  • This letter is to confirm that the contract bid you submitted arrived in our office before the deadline.
  • This letter is to let you know that we received your grant application on May 21.
  • We wanted to let you know that your application has arrived and we have it on file.
  • Thank you for your application to Springfield University's Business School.


  • before the deadline
  • for your application
  • for the materials you sent us
  • for the bid you submitted
  • for sending us your
  • have received many responses
  • have received your
  • reached our office on
  • received your application materials
  • received your resume
  • seemed to be in order
  • thank you for
  • that we received on
  • that you submitted
  • to inform you that your
  • was received on
  • wish to confirm that
  • with the following documents
  • your application has arrived
  • your packet of

2. Tell the reader what to expect next.


  • We will review your resume carefully.
  • We will keep your resume on file and contact you if a position that requires your specific qualifications becomes available.
  • For the time being we have put your application on file. After the May 20 deadline, we will begin reviewing all of the applications.
  • I will study your proposal carefully and let you know on Friday whether we can work with your plan.
  • I have looked over your proposal and am eager to discuss it in greater detail.
  • I can make no promises as to what Jane will think, but I will bring up your idea in Tuesday's planning meeting. I will let you know what happens.
  • You referred to your resume n the cover sheet, but it was not in the packet.
  • Until your application is complete, we can take no action on your case.
  • Jane Doe, our personnel chief, will contact you to set up an interview.
  • Unfortunately, we have already filled the position.
  • Unfortunately, the position is no longer open.
  • The response to our advertisement for this position has been overwhelming. Since we plan to review each application carefully, it will be some time before we can start calling applicants for interviews.
  • To be included in our pool of potential new employees, you need to fill out the enclosed forms and return them with your application.
  • As you know, we will announce which proposal will receive the contract on February 3. Since your bid is complete, there is nothing else you need to do until then.
  • We hope to inform each applicant of the hiring committee's decision around the end of July.
  • The admissions committee has its final meeting on July 30. We hope to start notifying applicants soon after this date.


  • after this date
  • all of the applications
  • application is in order
  • are planning to review
  • around the end of
  • becomes available
  • can start calling in applicants
  • estimate it will take a few weeks
  • expect to hear from us by
  • for the time being
  • has its final meeting on
  • has been overwhelming
  • has been much greater than expected
  • have put your application on file
  • hope to start notifying
  • hope to inform everyone
  • if and when a position opens up
  • in our pool of potential
  • is very impressive
  • it will be quite some time before
  • more than we expected
  • response has been overwhelming
  • review each application carefully
  • seems to be complete
  • select candidates for interviews
  • since your bid is complete
  • status of our application
  • status of your
  • the response to our
  • the response has been
  • the note you included indicated that
  • to complete your
  • to begin the interview process
  • will get in touch with you
  • will write or call
  • will let you know
  • will keep your resume on file
  • will review it carefully
  • will look over your proposal carefully
  • will begin reviewing applications
  • will contact you
  • will notify you when

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