Confirm Your Own Attendance As a Speaker or Special Guest — Letter-Writing Tutorial


If your letter reaffirms a complex agreement, you should repeat the details as you understood them in the body of your letter, so your reader can respond to any misunderstanding that may have arisen. Your letter should be brief and businesslike. However, since confirmation letters are the result of previous contact, you may wish to be friendly and personal.


1. Open your letter by confirming your intent to attend, and thank your reader, if appropriate.


  • This letter is to confirm my intent to speak at the Doe Marketing Conference on June 1. Thank you again for your invitation.
  • I will be delighted to attend the Lincoln County Egg Judgers' Convention as your keynote speaker. This letter is to confirm the details of my arrival.
  • I am pleased that you have asked me to speak at your national convention on "The Growing Salaries of CEOs."
  • This letter is to reaffirm my intention to speak at your awards banquet on March 1, as we discussed on the phone yesterday. Thank you for your gracious invitation.
  • I am very pleased to be coming to your language symposium and am looking forward to elaborating on the ideas we discussed over the phone.
  • Thank you for the banquet tickets and the invitation to speak. I will be delighted to come!


  • am always happy to
  • am looking forward to
  • am delighted to be coming to
  • am flattered that
  • am very pleased to
  • am delighted to
  • as your keynote speaker
  • assure you that
  • consider it a privilege to
  • is always a pleasure to
  • my intent is to
  • reaffirm my intention to
  • shall be happy to
  • terms of our agreement
  • thank you for
  • the details of my
  • to be able to attend
  • to participate in
  • will be a pleasure to
  • wish to confirm that

2. Repeat all pertinent details of your presentation and arrival, and request assistance or equipment you might need.


  • As you suggested, I have prepared a two-hour multi-media presentation on our organization's philosophy of "Preparing Managers to become CEOs."
  • Could you please have a slide projector set up and ready for my use ten minutes before my presentation is scheduled to start? I make a habit of checking all my equipment before I speak.
  • Thank you for the conference schedule and the information packet that you sent me. I think it is clear from these materials where I need to be at what time.
  • Could you please clear up one thing for me. Will someone pick me up at the airport (I will arrive at 7:00 p.m. on Springfield airlines flight #123), or should I rent a car and drive to the hotel?
  • Will you please arrange to have an overhead projector set up and ready for my use in the room when I arrive.
  • All of the details of my travel arrangements seem to be in order.
  • As you mentioned, I will plan to meet Jane in the Springfield Suites hotel lobby at 3:00 p.m. on Monday.
  • I would be honored to sit with Mr. Doe and his wife at their table.
  • I will bring the biographical sketch you mentioned and give it to Mr. Doe before the banquet.
  • Could you please let me know what kind of dress would be appropriate for the occasion? I have the impression that the affair will be quite formal, but I am prepared to come dressed in any manner suitable to the occasion.


  • all of the details
  • arrange to have
  • as you suggested
  • as we agreed
  • because of time constraints
  • could you arrange for
  • is scheduled to start at
  • make my own arrangements
  • make my own reservations
  • my travel arrangements will
  • my flight number is
  • need the following equipment
  • need clarification on
  • plan to stay at
  • return flight will depart
  • seems to be in order
  • set up and ready
  • set up in advance
  • the information you requested
  • to enhance the experience for
  • will require a
  • will bring my own
  • will need assistance with
  • will arrive at
  • would appreciate your assistance with
  • would like to know
  • would be helpful to have a

3. Mention or ask for clarification of any financial compensation you expect to receive, if appropriate.


  • John informed me that my travel, food and lodging expenses would be covered. Am I right in assuming that I should submit a log of my expenses to you for reimbursement after my return to Springfield?
  • Thank you for your offer to pay my hotel expenses in addition to my speaker's fee, but I have relatives in Centerville with whom I will be staying. However, I will need transportation to and from the convention center. Would it be appropriate to use the hotel expense money you offered for a rental car?
  • I understand that Mr. Doe will present me with an honorarium check after the banquet.
  • Regarding my honorarium, I would appreciate it if you made the check out to "the Doe Foundation," rather than to me personally.
  • Regarding my honorarium, I would appreciate it if you made the check out to "the Doe Foundation," rather than to me personally. Since we are a nonprofit, charitable organization, we wish to avoid any appearance of impropriety.


  • a log of my expenses
  • accept your kind offer to
  • after my return to
  • an advance of
  • appreciate the honorarium
  • in addition to my fee
  • make the check out to
  • regarding my honorarium
  • thank you for offering to
  • to pay my travel expenses
  • to pay my hotel expenses
  • transport to and from the
  • understand that you will
  • will meet me at
  • will stay at
  • will need transportation
  • will handle flight arrangements
  • will give you my receipts
  • will purchase my own
  • will not be necessary to

4. End on a positive note that expresses your eagerness to participate.


  • Thanks again for your invitation. I look forward to seeing you in Centerville.
  • I look forward to seeing my old friends and acquaintances in the egg-judging community.
  • I am putting the final touches on my presentation and hope it will prove valuable to your staff.
  • Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity.
  • Thank you for the invitation. I look forward to the convention and am eager to address those in attendance.


  • a pleasant evening
  • a memorable occasion
  • a worthwhile event
  • am looking forward to
  • appreciate this invitation
  • being a part of your
  • delighted to be of assistance
  • delighted to help
  • help your organization
  • hope my performance will
  • hope to be able to
  • hope my contribution will
  • it sounds as if
  • it will be a most
  • motivating your guests
  • participating in your
  • thank you again for
  • this exciting opportunity
  • this wonderful opportunity
  • to further the aims of
  • very happy to be able to
  • will add to your
  • will do my best to
  • your gracious invitation to

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