Confirm Receipt of an Order from a Customer — Letter-Writing Tutorial


It is not generally necessary to provide written confirmation of an order; however, in a case where you have had previous problems such as late delivery, details of the order being changed, or a customer asking for confirmation, it is wise to provide written confirmation of receiving an order.


1. Mention your last contact with the person placing the order. Review what was discussed or decided at that time. Repeat specific details such as time, place, amount, and price.


  • Thank you for your telephone order for two copies of our Admiral Aardvark's Awesome Avengers video. Enclosed is a bill for $35.11.
  • We received your order for an engine rebuild, job #1234, on account #16661, and we have already begun the rebuild, using the materials you specified.
  • We received your order to rebuild your Doe engine 1600 (serial #12345), and we thank you for the $100 prepayment check that you included.
  • Thank you for your gift subscription order for the Springfield Times.
  • We received your check for $11.98. Jane Doe will begin receiving the Times on January 1, 2002. At the end of the year we will send subscription renewal forms to you.
  • The shipment of your order No. 1234 is scheduled to leave Springfield Harbor on July 1.
  • Enclosed with this letter are the following items for your records:<br /> - a copy of the invoice<br /> - a copy of the bill of lading<br /> - a copy of the inspector's W123 form
  • This letter may be used as your confirmation of shipment.
  • Thank you for your order. It will be shipped in 2-3 weeks by Doe Express. You should receive your dryer before Christmas.


  • along with your check for
  • along with your prepayment of
  • anticipate being able to deliver by
  • are currently processing
  • as we agreed
  • as soon as we receive
  • as we discussed
  • confirming your order of
  • has already been processed
  • have enclosed the following
  • received your order for
  • received your check for
  • shipment is scheduled for
  • should receive your order by
  • thank you for
  • this is to confirm that
  • which we received on
  • will be shipped on
  • your order for
  • your telephone order of

2. If necessary, amend your previous agreement and mention any special steps you are taking with this order.


  • Demand for porcelain our dolls have been exceptionally high, so our stock is currently low. We can send you half of your order now and the rest in a few weeks. Thank you for your patience in this matter.
  • In your order you requested a class A mount on your motor. Our standard mount is class B and has a higher stress rating, which can extend the life of your motor at little extra cost. Unless you indicate otherwise within 10 days, we will include a class B mount with your order.
  • Due to an overwhelming number of orders, please expect delivery in 3-5 weeks, rather than the 2-3 mentioned in our advertisement.
  • We now offer a color choice. Please let us know whether you would prefer red, blue, or green. If we don't hear from you by March 15, we will ship our original color, blue.
  • Things are going well with the rebuild, but when the time comes to recalibrate the torsion reamer, we will offer you several options on how to proceed.
  • As you requested, we will send your video via express mail rather than by regular post.
  • There has been a slight delay in production, but your treadmill will be ready in two weeks, at which time we will promptly ship it.


  • a slightly less expensive
  • as you requested
  • due to exceptionally high demand
  • for express delivery
  • has been a slight delay in
  • have arranged for
  • have made some changes to
  • if you would prefer
  • is nonstandard and therefore
  • is, however, a surcharge for
  • may be more appropriate for
  • new model has
  • offer several options
  • please let us know
  • please expect delivery in
  • unless you indicate otherwise
  • whichever you prefer
  • will be happy to
  • will otherwise assume that
  • will ship the remainder on

3. Mention any relevant sale or promotion your company is offering.


  • Since you are a valued customer, we want you to know that we are introducing a new computer this season--the Doe Computer 2000. For a limited time we are offering them to our regular customers for $1,100. Call us at 1-800-555-5555, if you would like some included with your order.
  • We have an overstock of crystal glassware and are, therefore, able to offer sets at a 30% price reduction.
  • In your order you specified that you wanted a Class E water pump. We are out of Class E pumps at the moment, but would gladly upgrade your order to a Class F pump at no extra charge. We will assume that this is a suitable substitution unless you contact us within 10 days.
  • With this purchase you have earned 250 bonus points. You now have accumulated 5,400 points to use toward the purchase of any outdoor equipment.
  • Since you were one of the first 1,000 customers to order during this special offer, you will receive the unbreakable aquarium as a bonus gift. It will arrive in the mail shortly.


  • able to offer them at
  • all you need to do is
  • are therefore able to
  • are introducing a new
  • are being offered at a discount
  • are sure you will be pleased with
  • are overstocked with
  • as a bonus gift
  • at no extra charge
  • during this promotion
  • for a limited time
  • for our preferred customers
  • if you would like to
  • now qualify for
  • special introductory price
  • substantial discounts on
  • the enclosed brochure
  • to take advantage of this
  • to celebrate our
  • want to let you know that
  • will be glad to hear

4. End with an expression of good will and anticipation.


  • Thank you again for your order. We look forward to a smooth start-up and are pleased to do business with a firm of your reputation.
  • Thank you for selecting Doe Lumber for your building needs. We look forward to serving you.
  • It is a pleasure doing business with you. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions.
  • If you have any further questions, or need any more information, please use our customer service line at 1-800-555-5555.
  • We appreciate your order and hope we can serve you again.


  • answer any questions you may have
  • appreciate your order
  • are always pleased to
  • are confident that
  • look forward to serving you
  • are sure that
  • call our customer service line at
  • feel free to
  • for choosing our
  • for your order
  • if you have any questions
  • is always a pleasure to
  • it is a pleasure to
  • mutually beneficial relationship
  • please do not hesitate to
  • thank you again for
  • to do business with you
  • will be delighted with
  • will be pleased with
  • would be happy to

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